SEGi University has decided to invest in knowledge and expertise as its strategy for success as per our five-year strategic R&D plan from 2016 – 2020. We are in the midst of integrating Education, research and innovation (ERI) to produce the best minds for the world. The university recognizes the need to equip the students with practical and industrial knowledge for employment purposes but our mission does not end there. SEGi University is preparing the students for their long-term career growth in a global environment and hence combining business, social, technology and innovation skills to ensure their survival in a competitive environment. The development programme focuses on the recommendations and policies that will be most important for the Malaysia National Development Plan.

SEGi University recognizes that this can only be achieved with an innovative and research based workforce which supports quality, impact and specific outcomes in critical fields and niche areas. The university is prepared to develop innovative education in all sectors and to enhance the research skills of students within the national innovation system. The strategy also aims to train lecturers and supervisors along with the provision of well-equipped resources to encourage and nurture innovation and innovative thinking in a transformational journey that would empower the standards of SEGian’s educators and students across the nation. 

A major benefit expected from this integration is equipping students and academics with strong research and innovation skills that enable them in the medium and long term, to make real contributions to education, industry, and commerce in particular, and the job market in general. A further result of this will be for us to position Malaysia on the world map for R&D contributions.


The Research and Innovation Management Centre (RIMC) of SEGi University will place quality and innovative research culture within the reach of willing minds and natural talent.


To be the premier R&D hub that offers quality and innovative research based on international standards with accessible terms, delivered through the most innovative technologies and research-centric learning techniques.

  • Research and Innovation sustainability is the key to the well-being of SEGi University.
    The university recognizes that the quality and vibrancy of its research and innovation growth is dependent upon the enthusiasm, engagement and ambition of its staff.
  • Supporting multidisciplinary research with strong international research collaboration is crucial to address and resolve the growing social challenges.
    Most of the challenges faced by the society today requires multidisciplinary solutions. Exchanges between disciplines and external stakeholders are critical for advancing research and innovation in new areas. The university will work towards building research centres focusing on niche areas.
  • Research work and strategy which gives an impact to the society and the nation.
    The university will drive research to create new knowledge areas at SEGi University and to have a significant cultural, social, environmental and economic impact.
  • Establishing a “research informed” teaching university through an integrated education system.
    Excellence in knowledge-gain and research is fundamental to a world-class student experience and the university will create the necessary academic integration and environment to achieve it.
  • “Research-to-Revenue” (R2R) mindset to build an income stream for the university, researchers and other stakeholders in a long term.
    There are real prospects to generate revenue across the whole spectrum of research and innovation activity by ensuring the research has a return on investment.

Strategic Goals

Within the context of its new five-year mission, SEGi University has developed and adopted six strategic goals:

Strategic Goal 1

Attract, Recruit and Retain Research Talent

Strategic Goal 2

Increase and Diversify R&D funding resources

Strategic Goal 3

Boosting multidisciplinary research through

3.1: High Impact Publications
3.2: Research Units and Centres
3.3: Commercialisation and Consultancy Activities

Strategic Goal 4

Establishing “Research Partnership Network” (RPN) for expert grooming and global positioning strategy

Strategic Goal 5

Strengthening support and assistance for researchers through strong engagement, monitoring and evaluation strategy

Our Team

Ms. Shirley Anne David
Senior Executive, Research and Innovation Management Centre (RIMC)
Ms. Janserani Pragalathan
Senior Executive, Research and Innovation Management Centre (RIMC)
Ms. Mumtaz Yusoff
Executive, Research and Innovation Management Centre (RIMC)

Cluster Heads

Prof. Dr. Priyadarshini Hesarghatta Ramamurthy
Cluster Head, Healthcare & Life Sciences Cluster
Faculty of Dentistry
Prof. Dr. Gurnam Kaur A/P Gurdial Singh
Cluster Head, Social Science
Faculty of Education, Languages and Psychology
Ir. Dr. Shamini A/P P.Janasekaran
Cluster Head, Engineering & Technology
Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology

Contact Us

How to get in touch with the

Research and Innovation Management Centre (RIMC)

SEGi University, No. 9, Jalan Teknologi, Taman Sains Selangor,
Kota Damansara, PJU 5,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Ms. Shirley Anne David : 03 – 6145 2776

Ms. Janserani Pragalathan : 03 – 6145 3627

Ms. Mumtaz Yusoff : 03 – 6145 3085

Operation hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am – 6.00pm (Malaysia Time)