Senior Lecturer

Abdul Rahman bin Ishak

NameAbdul Rahman bin Ishak
DesignationSenior Lecturer


Master in Educational Psychology , Malaya University )

Bachelor of Islamic Studies & Law , Al Azhar University, Rep Arab of Egypt)


Abdul Rahman holds a Masters in Education, majoring in Educational Psychology. But he holds a degree in Islamic Studies &Law from Al Azhar University, Rep Arab of Egypt.
Abdul Rahman has always been passionate about teaching and has been in the education sector for almost 20 years. Having the experience to teach has been a rewarding privilege indeed. He enjoys teaching and find immense joy in working with his students who bring her so many learning experiences along the way.

While teaching may be an exciting experience, it also comes with many challenges. However, these trials have been her motivational triggers for future research and developments in her classroom. He firmly holds on to her career objective in growing continuously in leadership and knowledge. He aspires  to use his education and skills to expand and develop in the field of psychology & Social Science  . His research interest include social emotional learning in higher education, teacher resilience and student success.


Social science, Educational Psychology


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