Assoc. Prof. of Language & Linguistics

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rogayah Binti A. Razak

NameAssoc. Prof. Dr. Rogayah Binti A. Razak
DesignationAssoc. Prof. of Language & Linguistics


PhD (Theoretical Linguistics). Universiti Sains Malaysia. 1995

M.Sc (Teaching English As Second Language). Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana,US.1985

B.Sc. (English Literature Education). Indiana University,Bloomington,Indiana,US.1984


Rogayah A Razak PhD, is an associate professor in the Dept. of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Education, Language & Psychology, Segi University. She spent 35 years in the public universities: Speech Sciences Program, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), (2000-2021); Malay Language Department, Universiti Malaya (1997-2000); Malay Language Program, Universiti Sains Malaysia (1986-1996). She founded the Clinical Linguistics postgraduate program in 2009 at UKM. She invented and commercialized in 2018 a standardized language assessment tool for preschool children ‘Alat Ujian Bahasa Kanak-Kanak Prasekolah Melayu (MPLAT)’ which is used to screen and diagnose preschool children at risk of language impairment. Other tests developed in local languages included: Malay- LARSP and Chinese-LARSP profiles, ‘The Malay Early Language Profile’ (a parent checklist), Malay Hearing in Noise Test (My-HINT), and Malay Boston Naming Test. Her research interests cover clinical linguistics (linguistic analysis of language of children with developmental language disorders, hearing impairment, autism, dyslexia) and adult language (aphasia); developmental language and Malay grammar. She has published in high impact journals (Quartile1-3) such as PLOS One, Proceedings National Academy Science USA, Brain Sciences, and Aphasiology. She won the prestigious Fulbright Visiting Scholar Award (2006) from the US State Department.


Child language acquisition, Bilingual/multilingualism, Postgraduate supervision, clinical linguistics


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