Senior Lecturer

Ts. Dr. Lim Mee Wei

NameTs. Dr. Lim Mee Wei
DesignationSenior Lecturer


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (Monash University)

B.Eng. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering (Monash University)


  1. Professional Technologist of MBOT (PT20100160)
  2. Graduate Engineer of BEM (G177422A)
  3. Associate Member of IChemE (99947750)
  4. Golden Key Honour Society


Energy Management, Green Technology, Environmental Control, IOT, Smart Agriculture


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  1. Study of Overall Growth Effectiveness and Antioxidant Content of Red Leaf Lettuce Cultivated in Fish Wastewater Hydroponic Systems Using Various Light Quality & Quantity. University-Industry Matching Grant (RM 100,000). April 2021 – September 2023. Principle investigator.