Programme Leader - Bachelor of Education (Hons) Lecturer

Dr Pang Jee Ching

NameDr Pang Jee Ching
DesignationProgramme Leader - Bachelor of Education (Hons) Lecturer


PhD (Special Education) University of Malaya

M.A. (Special Needs) – University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

B.A. (Hons) Social Administration – University of Malaya


Dr Pang Jee Ching has 21 years of experience working closely with individuals and families who are living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She provides consultation and support to these individuals, training them to live independently and meaningfully. Understanding each of the individuals has individual learning needs, she integrates person-centred underpinning human rights approach by working with them, helping them to speak up, finding purpose in their life, supporting and placing these individuals with developmental disabilities into open employment or otherwise appropriate. She attended JICA ‘Intellectual Disabilities’ Course in 2006 and ‘Training of Trainers on Job Coach’ in 2013 in Japan. Her research areas are on self-advocacy, peer mediation and conflict resolution by young adults with learning disabilities, a participatory action research where the young adults were included as research partners for the first time in Malaysia. She believes strongly that when these young adults are given the opportunity and support, they are able to live up to their full potential. In 2017-2018, she participated in a research on inclusive learning for students with disabilities in the higher learning institution in Malaysia and the ASEAN countries funded by the Nippon Foundation. She enjoys her journey as an academic, trying her best to build the next generation of educators to understand and embrace the diverse needs of learners amongst us. She still provides volunteer support to young adults with Autism and/or developmental disabilities and their allies wherever she can. By sharing her experiences, linking the academic and practice, she hopes to make an impact to our society to accept and respect each other as different and yet full of possibilities!


Special and Inclusive Education, Self-Advocacy, Peer Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Employment for Learning and Developmental Disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum


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