Lecturer cum Programme Leader

Dylane Ho Yue Ting

NameDylane Ho Yue Ting
DesignationLecturer cum Programme Leader


MA English Linguistics (University College London, UK)

BA English Language (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman)

Diploma in TESOL (London Teacher Training College)


Dylane Ho specialises in English linguistics, holding a Master’s degree from the prestigious University College London (UCL). She has a keen interest in various aspects of the English language, from its structure to its use in the world today.

An experienced English language teacher, Dylane also holds a Diploma in TESOL and has taught English to students of diverse backgrounds since 2011. Her passion for the English language shines through in her involvement in various programmes, having taught students in countries such as Cambodia and India. Through IELTS preparation courses, she has prepared students for the test and helped them to achieve their target band scores.

Dylane has been working in the tertiary education industry since 2012, and thoroughly enjoys working with youth and adults. A firm believer in the need for continuous development, Dylane has often sought novel ways to engage her students in her classes, adopting different approaches alongside tried-and-tested ones. Her faith in the nobility of every individual motivates her to strive each day to treat all who cross her path with loving-kindness and compassion.


Language and religion; Spirituality and language learning; Pastoral care in higher education


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