Ho Xin Nie

NameHo Xin Nie


Master of Science in Applied Child Psychology

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychology


Ms. Jenice Ho has been involved in the Early Child Education field for more than 6 years locally and in the U.K. She is currently the Lecturer of Faculty of Education, Languages and Psychology at SEGi University.  Ms. Jenice started her career working with children as a Montessori teacher in Malaysia. She also has the passion to support children with special needs and she began her training as a behavioural therapist in 2017. Ms. Jenice conducted ABA therapy to support children with ASD. She also has experience conducting social skills interventions and school shadows at various local schools. In 2019, Ms. Jenice completed her Master in Applied Child Psychology in the U.K. At the same time, she worked as a learning support teacher at the British schools. In 2020, Ms. Jenice taught Nursery and Primary children in a British International School locally. She has knowledge in the British National Curriculum and was actively involved in lesson planning and children observations. She also supported EAL (English as second language) children with their learning in the classroom. Ms. Jenice is currently lecturing courses under Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor (Hons) of Education. She is an active researcher in various grant projects and her research areas focus on early childhood development and education.


TESL, Literature, Teacher Education, Postgraduate Study & Supervision and Educational Management and Leadership.

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