Associate Professor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leelavathi Rajamanickam

NameAssoc. Prof. Dr. Leelavathi Rajamanickam
DesignationAssociate Professor
Emailleelavath[email protected]


PhD in Computer Science and Engineering.

M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

MCA, Master of Computer Applications

BSc (Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science)


  1. Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  2. Member of Institute of Engineering and Technnology (MIET)
  3. Associate Member of The Institution of Engineers India(AMIEI)
  4. Graduate Technologist of Malaysia Board of Technologist (MBOT)
  5. Member of International Association of Engineers (IEANG)
  6. Member of Association for Computing Machinery(ACM)
  7. Computer Society of India (CSI)
  8. Member of International Association of Online Engineers(IAOE)
  9. Member of IEEE
  10. Member of Women in Engineering (IEEE)


Software Engineering (Software Testing and Software Quality), Programming, Algorithms, Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning. Image Processing, IOT.



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  1. Examining the Impact of Innovation of FinTech in Micro-Financing Banks in Malaysia during Pandemic’19. SEGi Fund (RM20K). Principle Investigator.
  2. Investigating the Planning and Monitoring System on the e-Learning Implementation for the Higher Learning Institutions During the Pandemic : From Users’ Perspective. SEGi Fund (RM 20, 760). Co-Researcher.