Mohamad Arieff Shamida Bin Samsul Kamil

NameMohamad Arieff Shamida Bin Samsul Kamil
DesignationPracticum Coordinator, BEd Programme, TESL Lecturer


Bachelor of Education (Hons) SEGi University


Mohamad Arieff Shamida obtained his academic qualification from SEGi University in which he majored in TESL and minored in Special Needs Education. Prior to joining SEGi University as a lecturer, he was a research assistant for an FRGS Grant under the Ministry of Education which explored the implementation of PAH Continuum framework in helping postgraduate students to graduate on time. He has published two articles in Scopus-indexed journals. Currently, he serves as a TESL lecturer and Practicum Coordinator for Bed Programme while pursuing his PhD study in SEGi University.


TESL, Literature, Teacher Education, Postgraduate Study & Supervision and Educational Management and Leadership.

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