Nur Khairiah binti Ahmad Ghuzal

NameNur Khairiah binti Ahmad Ghuzal


Bed (Hons) (TESOL) University of Edinburgh


Nur Khairiah Ghuzal is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Special Education. She also holds a degree in Education, majoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She has been in the education sector for over 10 years and will continue building her career in this line of work

Khairiah ‘s vision as an educator is to inspire students to make learning a life-long pursuit. She believes that teachers with passion inspire students and passion is what strives them to learn. One of the joys of teaching is witnessing students’ accomplishment no matter how small they are, and these little moments build up her motivation to keep going.

Nevertheless, teaching like any other noble profession has its challenges. Teachers today are faced with arduous tasks to keep up with the latest strides in the field of digital education and smart learning. Upgrading her skills in new teaching methods and approaches are her top priority.  Khairiah also believes in helping learners with different learning abilities and capacities. Her research is looking at effective strategies to help adults with Autism transitioned into the world of employment. She is confident that people in the Autism spectrum should be valued for their strength and be given equal opportunity to venture into competitive employment.


Special education:
Preparing for Better Employability: Post-Secondary Training Program for Adults in the Autism Spectrum in Malaysia


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