Nurul Nabihah binti Abdul Jalil

NameNurul Nabihah Binti Abdul Jalil


Master of English Education as Second Language, University of Malaya

Bachelor of Education, Teaching English as Second Language (TESL), University of Malaya


Specialising in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), Nabihah obtained both her master’s and bachelor’s degree from University of Malaya. Nabihah holds a long-standing background in the teaching industry, and throughout the course of her experience, she has devised strategic initiatives to manage learners with various proficiency levels. In her previous roles, Nabihah contributed in communication training, critical thinking skill, and lesson planning aiming at holistically improving learners’ language skills. As an educator, Nabihah strives to be a progressive-minded person, and in-tune with new developments in education, as she firmly believes in creating a safe and familiar learning space for learners. Setting her sight to further understand about second language teaching and learning pedagogy, Nabihah pins an ambitious hope to nurture passion and interest towards English language among all learners from various levels.


Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Applied Linguistics, and Online Distance Learning

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