Nurul Salwana Mohd Multazam Khair

NameNurul Salwana Mohd Multazam Khair


Master in education (Special Education) UKM

Bachelor of Education (Special Education) OUM


Ms Nurul has obtained her Bachelor and Master’s degree in education (Special Education) and joined Faculty Of Education and Languages in SEGi University since December 2018. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience in special education. In her present position she is involved in assessing a student’s academic skills and then devising a program of study that cater the needs of students with special need. She was a Special Needs Educator in Ministry of Education (MOE) and International School from 2010- 2017. After many years being in the industry, she then decided to become a Special Needs lecturer to share her knowledge and experience to more pre-service teachers. She is also a Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Certified Trainer under Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).Her research interests include Inclusive education, Differentiated Instruction, Early Intervention, Universal Design Learning, and Accessibility in education.


Inclusive Education, Differentiated Instruction, Accessibility in education


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