Phyllis Yeoh Chooi Chin

NamePhyllis Yeoh Chooi Chin
DesignationSenior Lecturer cum Programme Leader


Masters of Education in Management, Asia e University

Diploma in Early Childhood Development, Smart Reader Worldwide

TEFL/TESOL Certification, Teflexpress.Co, UK

Train-the Trainer, HRDF


Phyllis Yeoh has been in the Education field sine 2000. She started off with Early Childhood Education as the Principal of the kindergarten, administering three outlets concurrently. She has also been teaching the early ages since then, while acquiring a Diploma in ECE very quickly. Having been long enough in kindergarten, she has taught all subjects under the KSPK curriculum, and loves teaching the young and tender ages Mathematics and Reading in particular. During this tenure, her interest in special needs children increased, as every year she would have met with at least one or two of them. She has dealt with the high-functioning autistic children in her conventional kindergarten. After 18 long years, she then decided to move on to the next level of teaching and learning, leaving behind a legacy of making a difference to the tender ages.

She is pretty much more people-oriented, hence she has first moved into the training industry, with a Train-the-Trainer certification. Her trainer has engaged her to conduct training for his clients. While conducting training as a freelance Corporate Trainer, she had the time and with a confident mental ability and good positive environment to pursue a master degree to further enhance her career into lecturing, as lecturing is a life-long career.

Her Master Degree in Education, has elevated her career to the university. Prior to that she has taught English Communications at New Era University College. She subsequently, got into UKM as an IELTS lecturer to the international students both undergraduate and post-graduate. She not only taught them IELTS, but also acts as a mentor to those who needed. Her students still keep in touch with her.

Phyllis Yeoh is an avid toastmaster entering the sixth year now, and she has worked towards acquiring DTM under the internationally known public speaking organization.


Improving English Proficiency Amongst University Students Autism from Early Childhood into Adulthood

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