Professor Dr Nooreiny Maarof

NameProfessor Dr Nooreiny Maarof


Doctor of Philosophy, Multilingual/Multicultural Education  (TESL), Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida USA  ​

Master of Arts (TESOL), Northern Illinois University, De Kalb  Illinois,USA​

Bachelor of Arts (English), Northern Illinois University, De Kalb  Illinois, USA​

Teaching Certificate (TESL), Seri Kota Teacher’s Training  College, Kuala Lumpur


  1. Teacher (Education Officer), Ministry of Education 1978-1980​
  2. Teacher/Graduate Assistant, Center for Intensive English, The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida (Teaching English to Students admitted into FSU – native and non-native speakers of English) 1991-1992​
  3. Deputy Dean, School of Language Studies and Linguistics UKM 1997 -1999​
  4. Deputy Dean, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Education UKM 2005-2007​
  5. Coordinator, International Students Affairs Center for Graduate​ Studies, UKM 1999-2004​
  6. Coordinator, TESL Undergraduate Programme, Faculty of Education UKM, 2009 -2014​
  7. Associate Professor Faculty of Language Studies and Faculty of Education UKM 1996 – 2012​
  8. Professor (TESL), UKM 2013 – 2016 (retired) ​

Consultancy/Community Service:​

  • Editorial Advisor – Journal of Research, Policy, & Practice of Teachers and Teacher Education, UPSI​
  • Editorial Team – Asian EFL Journal​
  • MELTA – Lifetime member​
  • TESOL International – member​

Recent publications:​

  • Chang Woan Ching, & Nooreiny Maarof. (in press). Effect of student satisfaction on elearning quality and learning outcome among Malaysian undergraduate nursing students. Journal of Educators Online. ( Sept 2021issue).​
  • Norasyikin Mahmud, & Nooreiny Maarof. (2019). Written corrective feedback in teaching writing skills. UKM Press. Martin Kustati, Yunisrina
  • Qismullah Yusuf, Martin Qustati, & Nooreiny Maarof. (2018). English teachers’ voices on communicative language teaching for reading in Indonesian rural classrooms. Problems of Education in the 21st Century. Asia EFL Journal,76 (5), 649-662. ​
  • Novitri, Nooreiny Maarof, & Hamidah Yamat. (2018). Lecturers’ perceptions of EFL reading based on academic qualifications in Riau universities, Indonesia. International Journal of Education and Research, 6 (12), 181-190.​
  • Nurul Ajleaa Abdul Rahman & Nooreiny Maarof. (2018). The effect of role-play and simulation approach on enhancing ESL communication skills. International Journal of Research in English Education, 3(3), 63-71.


  1. Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language​
  2. Multicultural/Multilingual Education 3​
  3. Curriculum & Instruction​
  4. Literacy and Testing/Evaluation in ESL/EFL


SUKD Education : [email protected]

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SUKD Psychology : [email protected]

SUKD Postgraduate : [email protected]

SUKD Languages : [email protected]

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