Senior Lecturer

Ir. Dr. Shamini A/P P.Janasekaran

NameIr. Dr. Shamini A/P P.Janasekaran
DesignationSenior Lecturer


PhD Engineering (Manufacturing Processes), UM

Master Electro-Manufacturing Engineering, UM

BEng (Hons) Electronics Engineering, USM


  1. Chartered Engineer, UK (CEng)
  2. Member of Institution of Mechanical Engineers (MIMechE)
  3. Professional Engineer, Malaysia (PEng)
  4. Member of Institution of Engineers Malaysia (MIEM)


Industrial Revolution 4.0, Control Systems, Lean Manufacturing, Advance Manufacturing processes


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  1. Collaboration with industry partners, Daikin Electronics Devices Malaysia Sdn. Bhd with 3 years of MoA, 2018-2024
  2. Principal grant holder – Collaboration with University of Malaya with MoA signed with active research centers, holding grant worth of RM106,770 (2018 – 2021)
  3. Co-principal grant holder – Internal grants total worth of RM94,000 (2018 – 2021)