Senior Lecturer

Ts. Dr. Siti Norbaya Daud

NameTs. Dr. Siti Norbaya Daud
DesignationSenior Lecturer


 PhD Engineering Education (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

MSc Computer Science (Central Michigan University, USA)

BSc Computer Science, Central Michigan University, USA


  1. Professional Technologist of MBOT
  2. IEEE Member


  1. National Outstanding Educator Award 2017 – Private education Excellence Awards 2017


Engineering Education, Software Requirements, E-Commerce



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  1. FRGS/1/2019/SS06/SEGI/02/1. Developing a framework that links online privacy literacy, privacy management behaviour typology and managing strategies for Deaf youth (Co-Researcher)
  2. FRGS 2021-1, A New Student Learning Time Framework for incorporating online T&L in Engineering Programme Teaching and Assessment (Co-Researcher)