Senior Lecturer

Su Vin Cent @ Tai Vin Cent

NameSu Vin Cent @ Tai Vin Cent
DesignationSenior Lecturer


M.Sc in Aerospace Engineering (Brunel Univesity, 2009)

B.Eng Mechanical – Aeronautics Engineering (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2008)


  1.  CEng MIMechE (UK)
  2. The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) – Graduate Member
  3. Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) – Graduate Engineer


Optimisation, renewable energy, thermodynamics, applied aerodynamics, computatinal fluid dynamics



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Conference Proceedings & Technical Reports

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  1. Project: A novel GEP/TEP optimisation algorithm amalgamated with statistical modelling of wind power and system load dynamics for resilient national energy security
    Funding: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (Grant No.: FRGS/1/2016/TK07/SEGI/02/1)
    Amount: 88,200.00 MYR
  2. Project: An active control strategy for a novel PTO system for maximum ocean wave power extraction in near-equatorial territoriesFunding: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (Grant No.: FRGS/1/2017/TK07/SEGI/02/1)
    Amount: 55,005.00 MYR
  3. Project: Modelling of a novel multi-expert system embedded MMP-BIM optimisation algorithm to enhance logistics and warehouse operations.
    Funding: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (Grant No.: FRGS/1/2018/TK03/SEGI/02/1)
    Amount: 112,000.00 MYR
    Funding: SEGiIRF/2019-5/FoEBE-25/88
    Amount: 20,000 MYR