Students Experience Real-World Engineering at Helmtech

On 14 March 2024, eight students from SEGi University’s Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics programme, accompanied by dedicated lecturers Ts. Vinukumar Luckose and Chong Hock Siong, embarked on an enlightening visit to Helmtech Engineering Sdn Bhd. This industrial visit aimed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application, offering students an invaluable opportunity to witness the commissioning of rotating electrical machines firsthand.

The visit began with a guided tour led by Helmtech’s General Manager, Anbalagan, who introduced the students to the company’s diverse activities in Engineering & Consulting, Installation & Commissioning, and Maintenance & Repair. These services cater to various sectors, including oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing, and marine industries. The tour provided a comprehensive overview of Helmtech’s operations, emphasizing the practical applications of theoretical knowledge.

One of the highlights was the motor rewinding area, where students observed how faults in electrical motors are identified and addressed. They witnessed the intricate process of measuring existing windings for rewinding purposes, followed by testing the motors before and after installing new windings or coils. The final stage involved preparing the motors for installation and transforming theoretical concepts into tangible machinery.

In addition to the hands-on experience, students attended lectures delivered by Helmtech’s experts. These sessions enriched their understanding of the field, extending beyond the classroom knowledge. The importance of safety measures in high-risk environments was also underscored, instilling in students the significance of adhering to stringent safety protocols.

This visit to Helmtech Engineering left a lasting impact on the students, deepening their passion for electrical engineering. It nurtured their curiosity, broadened their horizons, and allowed them to appreciate the real-world significance of their studies. The experience highlighted the potent synergy between academia and industry, emphasizing the value of practical exposure in shaping future engineers.

Initiatives like this visit demonstrate SEGi University’s commitment to providing its students with real-world experiences. By partnering with leading companies such as Helmtech, SEGi ensures its students are well-prepared to meet industry demands. This approach aligns with the university’s dedication to academic excellence and professional readiness, setting SEGi apart as a leading institution for higher learning in Malaysia.

The visit was not just an educational trip but an immersive learning experience that brought textbooks to life. The hum of generators, the glow of control panels, and the commitment to a sustainable future underscored the day’s activities. This pivotal moment in the students’ educational journey highlighted the importance of integrating practical experiences with academic pursuits, fostering a deeper connection to their chosen field.


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