SEGi Lecturers Bring Innovation to Chinese Students

SEGi University’s commitment to academic excellence and global collaboration was recently highlighted when lecturers from the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Honours programme participated in a one-week official teaching collaboration at Pingdingshan Industrial College of Technology, Henan, China, from 11 to 20 May 2024. This initiative underscores SEGi’s reputation for providing high-quality education and its dedication to fostering international partnerships.

The lecturers involved in this collaboration were Ir Dr Shamini A/P P. Janasekaran, Dr Noraidah binti Mohd Shariff, and Mr Chris Chong Hock Siong, all of whom brought their extensive expertise and innovative teaching methods to the classroom. They engaged with 80 final year students, delivering lectures that blended theoretical knowledge with practical applications, reflecting SEGi’s industry-relevant curriculum.

This teaching collaboration is a testament to SEGi University’s standing as a premier institution that not only prioritises academic excellence but also prepares students for global challenges. SEGi’s programmes are designed to meet the demands of the modern workforce, and this is evidenced by the university’s impressive graduate employability rate. According to a recent survey, 96% of SEGi graduates secure employment within six months of graduation, a figure that speaks volumes about the quality and relevance of its education.

SEGi University is renowned for its collaborative efforts with industry leaders, which enhances the learning experience and employability of its students. The university’s approach to integrating industry insights into the curriculum ensures that students are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge that employers seek. This collaboration in China further strengthens SEGi’s position as a leader in engineering education, demonstrating its ability to deliver world-class education that transcends borders.

Moreover, SEGi University’s focus on international collaboration aligns with its strategic vision to produce graduates who are not only academically proficient but also culturally competent and globally minded. The exposure to different educational environments and teaching styles equips both lecturers and students with a broader perspective, enriching their professional and academic journeys.

The success of this collaboration with Pingdingshan Industrial College of Technology also highlights SEGi’s commitment to expanding its global footprint. By engaging in such initiatives, SEGi continues to build strong international networks that benefit its students and faculty alike. This global approach to education ensures that SEGi remains at the forefront of educational innovation and excellence.

In conclusion, the participation of SEGi University lecturers in this teaching collaboration is a reflection of the university’s dedication to academic and professional excellence. It showcases SEGi’s ability to deliver high-quality education that meets international standards and prepares students for successful careers in a globalised world.


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