Centre for Advanced Materials and Sustainable Manufacturing (CASUM)

Centre for Advanced Materials and Sustainable Manufacturing (CASUM)


The Centre for Advanced Materials and Sustainable Manufacturing (CASUM) started in 2020 and was previously known as the Centre for Advance Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing (CAMIM). Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems merged its research and consultancy with CAMIM to work as a bigger centre to provide divergence coverage of intensive research in advanced materials and smart manufacturing.


Ir Dr Shamini Janasekaran

Team Members

  • Ir. Assoc. Prof Dr Tan Yong Chai
  • Dr. Go Tze Fong
  • Dr. Kanageswary Sockalingam
  • Dr. Kee Chia Ching
  • Dr. Nur Amirah Mohd Zahri


Research Grants

Year Title of Current Grant, Contract or Project Researchers Amount (RM) Position External Contributors
2018-2020 Influence of welding parameters on autogenously lap joint between dissimilar metal alloys using low power fibre laser Shamini P.Janasekaran 106,770.00 Principal Investigator University of Malaya
2019-on going Impact of Photocatalytic Spray Coating on Mechanical Properties of SMAW Electrodes with Welding Fume Reduction Patrick Teo Hiu Hong, Shamini P.Janasekaran 22,000.00 Co-principal Investigator
2019-2021 Development of Low composition Sn-Bi Eutectic Solder Added with nanoparticles as an alternative to lead solder alloy Amares Singh, Shamini  P.Janasekaran, 20,000.00 Co-principal Investigator
2020-2023 Hydrodegradable 3D printing materials Chan Mieow Kee, Shamini P.Janasekaran, 52,000.00 Co-principal Investigator 3D Gens Sdn. Bhd.
2021-2024 Hybrid technology between microwave heating and laser welding towards smart energy consumption Shamini P.Janasekaran, Mahadzir Ishak @ Muhammad, Moinuddin Mohammed Quazi, Aiman Mohd Halil 35,500.00 Principal Investigator Universiti Malaysia Pahang