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Financial Aids
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What is Financial Aid & Scholarships Virtual Desk About?

A dedicated platform that reduces the financial burden for students pursuing higher education. Our initiative supports students facing economic challenges, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their pursuit of academic excellence. Through Scholarships and low-interest loans, we aim to make education accessible and achievable for every deserving student.

Who is it for?

Financial Aids & Scholarships supports students at all levels of education who face financial obstacles in their pursuit of academic goals. It is designed for individuals committed to learning, regardless of their economic background. If you are a student aiming to overcome financial hurdles and achieve your educational dreams, we are here to empower you on your academic journey.


Financial Aids

Financial aid is a crucial support system designed to help individuals overcome financial barriers to education. It encompasses various programmes like PTPTN, EPF Withdrawal, PTPTNx’tra, and EduFlex. These aids enable students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their academic goals without financial strain.

Scholarships & Rebates Hub

Dedicated to connecting students with diverse scholarship opportunities and rebates, Scholarships & Rebates Hub ensures that financial barriers do not impede their academic aspirations. With a wide array of scholarships covering various fields of study, Scholarships & Rebates Hub is committed to fostering educational excellence and making the pursuit of knowledge accessible to all deserving individuals.

Scholarships Offered for 2024 intakes, Limited seats available

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