Scholarships & Rebates Hub

Who is it for?

For Malaysian and Permanent Resident individuals
facing financial obstacles in pursuing higher education.

How it works?

It is a simple 3-step application process. Begin by applying and participating in an interview, securing acceptance into the programme and commencing your studies.

Scholarships & Rebates Hub

Scholarship and Rebates Hub is a dynamic initiative designed to empower individuals in their pursuit of higher education. Tailored for those facing financial barriers, our comprehensive scholarship programme serves as a gateway to academic excellence. We connect ambitious students with a diverse range of scholarship opportunities and rebates, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their educational ambitions.

This innovative platform covers various fields of study, presenting a multitude of scholarship and rebate options to suit individual preferences and career aspirations. By providing accessible pathways to knowledge, Scholarship & Rebates Hub aims to break down financial barriers and make education a transformative and inclusive experience for all deserving individuals. Explore the vast array of scholarship possibilities and embark on a journey where educational aspirations transform into reality.

Types of Scholarships & Rebates

Scholarships Offered for 2024 intakes, Limited seats available

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