SEGi Sports/Clubs/Societies Scholarship

What is the SEGi Sports/Clubs/Societies Scholarship?

SEGi places high value on participation of students in Sports, Clubs and Societies. We believe that participation in activities outside of classrooms are just as important to build a better and secure future for students. As such, SEGi now offers a discount on tuition fees for students for those with outstanding achievements in extracurricular activities.

Terms & Conditions

Club & Society Exco Members – 15% Discount on Tuition Fees
State Level Sports Players – 50% Discount on Tuition Fees
National Level Sports Players – 100% Discount on Tuition Fees
  • Applicants must provide supporting documents as proof.
  • Applicants who receive this scholarship will not be eligible for other discounts/rebates
  • Scholarship will only cover the tuition fees portion of the student and excludes any external fees.
  • Applicants are required to maintain satisfactory results throughout their standard programme duration.
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to prove themselves to be active in University/Colleges Clubs and Campaigns.
  • The Head of Student Experience Office will be appraising the Scholarship recipients for their yearly scholarship renewals.
  • This scholarship is applicable for all programmes except, Health Sciences, Weekend Programmes, SEGi University Digital Online/Certificate programmes.
  • Engineering

How do you apply?

  • All applicants will be considered for SEGi’s Sports/Clubs/Societies Scholarship upon application.
  • For more information, schedule a free consultation with our course counsellors.
Scholarships Offered for 2024 intakes, Limited seats available

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