Research & Commercialization Partners


We bring together the world’s best minds from the Industry and Academic to solve globally significant problems through strategic partnership and activities.
We invite companies to collaborate with us as educators to ensure our education prepares students for the current business environment and meets the needs of employers. Companies can get involved through our research partnership program, student internship program and employment program. This enriches the student and academics experience by bringing the “real world” into their learning environment. In turn, companies are enriched through ideas and solutions to meet their current challenges through our industrial research and through access to a talent pool. Companies can get involved through providing internships or work placements to our students or as living case studies.

SEGi University’s extensive industry networks create opportunities for our students and researchers, and the communities we serve. Partnerships enhance the student experience and graduate outcomes, contributing to the demand for our educational services and underpinning our sustainability. By seeking to understand industry and community requirements, we can provide relevant, quality teaching and research that meets the needs of our partners, local industry, and community and beyond.

Please find the SEGi University’s Industry Collaboration Annual Report Year 2021 for further details: