Researchers & Experts – Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & IT

No.NameDesignationQualificationAreas of Specialization
1Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Yong ChaiDean, Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology;
Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering)
PhD in Engineering
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
Automation System, Robotics, Expert System
2Dr. Sia Yaw YoongDeputy Dean (Academic)PhD Mechanical Engineering
MSc Mechanical Engineering
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
Genetic Algorithms Optimization, Machine Vision System, Automation System
3Dr. Chan Mieow KeeDeputy Dean (Research);
Senior Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)
PhD Chemical Bioprocess Engineering
BEng Chemical Bioprocess Engineering
Water treatment, nanoparticles, membrane separation, materials for 3D printing, engineering education
4Ir. Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Chiang Choong LuinProfessor (Civil Engineering)PhD Civil
Beng Civil
Tech Diploma Building
Reinforced concrete structures in shear, earthquake engineering, energy savings in buildings and reliability analysis of engineering experimental data
5Ir. Ts. Azri Adi B ArbaiSenior Lecturer (E&E Engineering)Master of Renewable Energy
Bachelor in Engineering (Hons) Electrical
Energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy
6Ir. Ts. Dr. Tengku Anita Binti Raja HussinProgramme Leader (Civil Engineering)PhD in Civil Engineerring MSc Civil Engineering (Construction)
Bachelor (Hons) Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering (Timber Structure, RC Design, Structural Analysis, Mechanics of Materials)
7Ir. Ts. Mathan SambuSenior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)MEng of Mechanical Engineering
BEng. Mechanical Engineering with Honours
Acoustics, CAD, Flow-induced, Energy Harvester, Structure & Composite Material, Tribology
8Ir. Ts. Mohd Rashid bin Ya'acobLecturer (Civil Engineering)Msc. in Civil Engineering (Structures)
BEng. in Civil Engineering
Building Information Modelling, Reinforced Concrete Design, Industrial Building System
9Ir. Dr. Gopinath SubramaniSenior Lecturer (E&E Engineering)PhD in Electrical Engineering
MSc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering
BEng (Hons) in Electrical Power Engineering
Power generation, electricity, renewable energy, electrical maintenance
10Ir. Dr. Moey Lip KeanSenior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)PhD in Mechanical Engineering
MSc in Mechanical Engineering
BSc in Mechanical Engineering
Building Ventilation, Renewable Energy, Optimization
11Ir. Dr. Patrick Teo Hiu HongSenior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)PhD in Mechanical Engineering
MEng. Manufacturing System Engineering
BEng in Mechanical Engineering
Dynamic simulation and finite elements analysis in robotic and machine
12Ir. Dr. Shamini A/P P.JanasekaranSenior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)PhD Engineering (Manufacturing Processes)
Master Electro-Manufacturing Engineering
BEng (Hons) Electronics Engineering
Industrial Revolution 4.0, Control Systems, Lean Manufacturing, Advance Manufacturing processes
13Ir. Kenneth Yeoh Tiong KimSenior Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)Bachelor in Chemical EngineeringWater and wastewater engineering
14ir. Ts. Mohd Amin ShafiiLecturer (Civil Engineering)MEng (Civil-Transportation And Highway)
BEng (Civil)
Highway Materials, Traffic And Transportation
15Ir. Pan Wang FookSenior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)MEngSc (Civil)
BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
Structural Analysis/Mechanics of Materials/ RC Design
16Sr. Ts. Eunice Chia Mei LingLecturer (Quantity Surveying)Bachelor in Quantity Surveying
Master of Science (Construction Contract Management)
Certificate in Adjudication
Dispute, Negotiation, Conflict Management
17Ts. Dr. Ho Kah ChunLecturer (Chemical Engineering)PhD. in Chem & Process Eng
B.Eng (Hons) Chemical
Membrane Technology, Nanotechnology, Wastewater Reclamation
18Ts. Dr. Nurulazlina RamliLecturer (E&E Engineering)Doctor of Philosophy (Electrical Engineering)
Master of Science in Telecommunication and Information Engineering
BSc. (Hons) in Electrical Engineering-Telecommunications
Diploma in Electrical Engineering-Communications
RF & Microwave, Reconfigurable Antenna, Wearable Antenna, Wireless Communication, 5G
19Ts. Dr. Lim Mee WeiSenior Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
B.Eng. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering
Energy Management, Green Technology, Environmental Control, IOT, Smart Agriculture
20Ts. Dr. Siti Norbaya DaudSenior Lecturer (Information Technology)PhD Engineering Education
MSc Computer Science
BSc Computer Science
Engineering Education, Software Requirements, E-Commerce, Software Engineering, Database
21Ts. Anis Fariza Md PazilSenior Lecturer (E&E Engineering)M.Sc in Information Tecnology
B.Eng (Hons) Computer and Communication System
Wearable Textile Antenna, Satellite Communication, Radio Frequency and Microwaves
22Ts. Dhanaletchmi A/P NarayanasamyLecturer (SCPG) (E&E Engineering)Master of Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Intelligent control and optimization methods of electronics systems
23Ts. Mashanim MahazirLecturer (Quantity Surveying)Master of Science Construction Management
Bachelor (Hons) Technology Management
Quantity Surveying, Construction Management and Built Environment
24Ts. Sharyzee Mohmad ShukriLecturer (Interior Architecture) - RetainerMaster Sustainable Urban Design
Bachelor Architecture
BSc Housing, Building & Planning (Major in Architecture)
Vernacular Architecture, Urban Design & History, Malay Townscape & Urbanism, Computer Aided Design, Practice and Management, Teaching and Learning Pedagogy
25Sr. Assoc. Prof. Ahmad Faris OmarAssociate Professor (Quantity Surveying)MSc Construction Economics & Management
BSc Building Economics & Quantity Surveying
Risk management, Value management, Construction Economics & Construction Management, Contract Management & Quantity Surveying.
26Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Leelavathi RajamanickamAssociate Professor (Information Technology)PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
Master of Computer Applications
BSc (Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science)
Software Engineering (Software Testing & Software Quality), Programming, Algorithms, Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning, Image Processing, IOT
27Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Rajamohan ParthasarathyAssociate Professor (Information Technology)PhD in Computer Science
Master of Technology (Computer Science Engineering)
Master of Computer Applications
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Bachelor of Science (Physics)
Computer Networks and Security, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Security, Wireless Communication and Security, Client Server, Computing Technology, Web Server Technology, IOT and IR 4.0 Areas
28Dr. Aida Isma Mohamad IdrisSenior Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)PhD in Environmental Engineering
MSc in Environmental Engineering
BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering
Wastewater Treatment And Design, Membrane Bioreactor, Forward Osmosis, Waste To Energy, Solid Waste Treatment
29Dr. Go Tze FongProgramme Leader (Postgraduate Degree)PhD Mechanical & Material Engineering
MSc Mechanical & Material Engineering
BEng (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering)
Sustainable product design and development, Re-manufacturing, Design optimization
30Dr. Priyadatchini KarunakaranLecturer (Civil Engineering)PhD (Civil Eng)
BEng (Hons) (Civil Eng)
Diploma (Civil Eng)
Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management, Engineering Education Management
31Dr. Izni Atikah Binti Abd HamidLecturer (Chemical Engineering)PhD Chemical Engineering
MSc Chemical Engineering by Research
BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and solvent extraction
32Ts. Dr. Jenny OngSenior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)PhD in Environmental Science and Management MSc Environmental Engineering
BSc Environment
Solid waste management, sustainable supply chain management, industrial ecology
33Dr. Jessie Siaw Fei LuSenior Lecturer (E&E Engineering)PhD Engineering
BEng (Hons) Electrical And Electronics
Renewable Energy, Solar Photovoltaic
34Dr. Kanageswary A/P SockalingamLecturer (Mechanical Engineering)PhD in Mechanical Engineering
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Biopolymer, Green composites, Materials characterizations
35Dr. Maisarah Binti MakmorProgramme Leader (Quantity Surveying)PhD in Project Management
MSc in Specialisms of the Built Environment
BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Public Participation, Sustainable Development, Green Technology, Dispute Resolution
36Dr. Mohd Faizan JamaluddinLecturer (Chemical Engineering)PhD of Bio-process Engineering
M.Eng of Bio-process Engineering
B.Eng of Chemical Engineering
Waste to wealth (Biotechnology), Biogas, Renewable Energy, Factorial Analysis, Process Optimization.
37Dr. Ng Jiunn YeaProgramme Leader (Mechanical Engineering)Ph.D. in Mechatronics Engineering
B.Eng. (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering
Control, State Estimation, Simultaneous Observation, Smart Agriculture, Vertical Farming, Renewable Energy
38Dr. Norriza HussinSenior Lecturer (Information Technology)PhD Information Management
MSc Information Management
LL.B (Hons.)
Information Management, Digital Business, Education Management
39Dr. Nor Faiza Abd RahmanLecturer (Civil Engineering)PhD Civil Engineering (Water Resources)
MSc Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering)
BEng Civil Engineering
Artificial Neural Network, Hydrological Modelling, SWAT model
40Dr. Thio Tzer Hwai GilbertSenior Lecturer (E&E Engineering)PhD Engineering
MSc Engineering
BSc Engineering
Microfluidics, Green Technology
41Datin Munira MohammadLecturer (Civil Engineering)MSc Water Resources Engineering & Environmental ManagementHydraulic, Water Resources and Management, Waste Water
42Ts Aida Maryani Binti Abd RashidSenior Lecturer (Information Technology)MSs Information System Management
BBA (Hons) Finance
Management Information Systems, Electronic Commerce, Online Business
43Dr Zunaibi Bin AbdullahSenior Lecturer (Architecture)PhD (Architectural Education)
Master of Architecture
Bachelor of Science (Architecture)
Architectural Education
44Dr. Nurul Izzatul Lydia binti Za'baLecturer (Civil Engineering)PhD Civil Engineering (Structure)
MSc Civil Engineering (Timber Structure)
B.Eng Civil Engineering
Timber Structure, RC Design, Structural Analysis, Concrete Technology, Mechanics of Materials
45Dr. Ida Fahani Binti Md. JayeSenior Lecturer (SCSJ) (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)PhD in Energy, Environment & Sustainability
Master in Engineering (Electrical)
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronics)
Sustainabe Energy Technology and Systems, Environmental Impact Assessment, Water-Energy Nexus, Carbon Footprint Reduction, Energy Policy
46Dr. Roslinda Binti IdrisLecturer (SCPG) (Mechanical Engineering)PhD in Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical - Manufacturing)
Fracture Mechanics,
Fatigue Analysis
47Dr. Nurhasniza Binti EdwardLecturer (SCPG) (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)PhD in Electronic Engineering
Master of Electronics Engineering (Hons) (Telecommunication)
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Wireless Communication)
Microwave Engineering, Radio Frequency
48Ir Choo Chee MingSenior Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)Master of Engineering Science (Environmental Engineering) Bachelor of Chemical EngineeringSustainability, Health and Safety