Centre for Network Security and IoT

Centre for Network Security and IoT


To explore the importance of computer network security research towards Internet of Things (IoT) and enhance network security research activities with related projects for staff and students (UG & PG) in the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology.


Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Rajamohan Parthasarathy

Team Members

  • Ts. Dr. Siti Norbaya Daud
  • Ts. Dr. Syazwina Alias
  • Muhammad Fuad Abdullah
  • Muhammad Shahkhir Mozamir
  • Mohammad Zahiruddin Ibrahim


This project will conduct and support advanced computer networks security projects and IoT where students build and test firewall rules, carry out attacks in a controlled lab environment, conduct cybersecurity-related intrusion detection activities and research in a controlled lab environment, and also deploy and secure wireless PANs, LANs, MANs, WANs, AI (ML & DL) based neural networks, blockchain technology, cloud computing and ad-hoc networks. There will also be a collaboration with industry and other Universities’ research Centres for both Staff and Students (UG & PG) to acquire the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies, especially in computer networks and Security and IOT domain areas.