SEGi Early Bird Rebate

SEGi Early Bird Rebate

SEGi University provides rebates for those who enroll with us before our intake! By taking the leap early, you're not only setting the stage for academic excellence but also pocketing an impressive RM 500 rebate as a token of our appreciation for your proactive approach.

Terms & Conditions

Students must enroll/pay the registration fee in full 1 week prior to the intake date

Students will also be eligible for other discounts and rebates

This discount is ONLY applicable to certificate, foundation, diploma, degree, postgraduate & all SEGi University Online programmes with a minimum tuition fee of RM 10,000 and above

How do you apply?

  • All students who enroll with SEGi before the intake and has paid the registration fee will receive the rebate.
  • For more information, schedule a free consultation with our course counsellors.
Scholarships Offered for 2024 intakes, Limited seats available

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