10 qualities that will make you a good teacher

We all have loved a few teachers in our lives, those who have made difficult subjects seem easy, those who have lent a patient ear to our problems, who have provided us guidance when we needed it the most, and much more. Some teachers remain in our hearts forever.

Want to be a teacher and make a difference in the lives of your students? Here are 10 qualities that you should hone to be a good teacher.

#1 Communication

The lifeline of a teacher is communication and hence, to be a good teacher, you need to possess strong communication skills. If you have good communication skills, you will be able to bond with your students easily. Both you and your students will enjoy the learning process by maintaining a clear path of communication.

#2 Listening skills

An attribute which goes hand in hand with communication is listening. In fact, we would say, listening skills are an extension of communication skills because unless you listen, you won’t be able to provide solutions. Having good listening skills will help you understand better and clarify doubts that will finally work positively for your students. Remember, there is a difference between hearing and listening. Listening involves hearing and understanding what the other person wants to say – an absolutely essential skill to master as a teacher.

#3 Collaboration skills

Gone are the days when education was one-way where teachers would keep talking and students would listen. Today, a teacher needs to involve students in every step to achieve desired learning outcomes — or in other words, collaborate with students. As a teacher, you will have to step into various roles where you will have to collaborate with students, fellow teachers, educators and of course parents.

#4 Friendly

As a student yourself, didn’t you feel most comfortable with those teachers who were friendly? Be easy to talk to, approachable and helpful. No one likes a terse, arrogant, mean and rude teacher.

#5 Adaptable

The world of education is changing. What was relevant even a decade ago is passé now. You need to adapt to the constantly evolving environment and adopt new teaching methods for the betterment of your students. If you are adaptable, you will be able to make the best use of available resources for the benefit of your students.

#6 Strong work ethics

Teaching is not an easy job. At every step, you will be faced with difficulties which will challenge you in myriad ways. Possessing a strong work ethic is essential. Good teachers are always willing to help but never compromise on their ethics.

#7 Empathy

The importance of empathy ranks high among all skills essential to be a teacher. It is easy to judge children’s behaviour, especially of teenagers. But it is not the right thing to do. No one should forget their time as children. Teacher need to put themselves in those shoes before reacting to the action of a student. A little bit of empathy goes a long way in building a long lasting teacher student bond.

#8 Patience

This is one skill that you will need as a teacher and lots of it. Your patience will be tested at each and every level as a teacher – from managing classrooms to handling colleagues. You will face difficult students and difficult parents each and every day. Remember to keep calm and keep breathing.

#9 Passion for subject matter

You must be thinking, but that’s the basic job! Well, haven’t we had teachers who lacked knowledge? Possess a strong passion for your subject. If you feel the passion, only then will you be able to transfer that to your students. Remember, students decide their favourite subject not by what they learn, but by the way the teacher teaches it to them. Feel the passion and you will see a world of difference to your lecture delivery.

#10 Lifelong Learner

Last but definitely not least, you need to be a lifelong learner to be a good teacher. Every subject matter is evolving, new discoveries are made almost every day. Keep yourself updated even if the course syllabus is not. Provide new perspectives to students. Share new ideas, conduct project work, motivate your students to explore – there’s so much you can do if you possess a love for learning.

Teachers make the biggest impact in a child’s life. Make your contribution count.

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