5 Tricks to help you breeze through online education

Whether you are seeking flexibility or the convenience of earning a quality degree at your own pace, studying online has become a preferred option for many working adults. In fact, in many countries, college-going students are also being exposed to online studying as part of a blended learning approach which saves time, resources, energy and cost. Malaysia is not far off with various universities offering the same.

If you have been toying with the idea of online learning, here are some basic tips that can help you breeze through your online education. Before you start, invest in a stable Internet package. Then, observe these 5 things.

1. Have a dedicated study space


Something about dedicated spaces that gets your mind into the study mode. If you’re setting up a study corner, try and find a suitable space within your home that is lit with natural light. Organise the space with some green plants, a good set of stationeries and an ergonomic chair that provides good support for your back.

2. Create a calendar or to-do-list


Have a timetable. It is easy to slack off when you’re juggling too many things. A digital schedule with reminders can keep us on track. If you prefer the traditional way, have a table calendar with a to-do-list. List down your assignment deadlines, class schedules, or calendar in all the important dates for the semester and place it somewhere strategic so that you are easily reminded of all your pending work.

3. Set a study time

If you are a morning person, waking up early to study for an hour or two would do wonders. Several studies show that early birds who rise at 4am enjoying the benefits of increased productivity. Get some stretching done so that your brain gets activated before you hit the notes. If you’re a night owl, have a quick power nap after a long day at work before studying. The key here is proper rest. If you are studying the whole day, have a few study breaks in between to help the mind relax and recalibrate.

4. Participate in online discussions or forums


Online studies need not be lonely. Sure you are more self-reliant but online participation in forums and discussions will help you gather new perspectives and build a network of friends and acquaintances (reads study buddies). Based on the replies given, you will also enjoy a range of good references for your study. Plus, it earns you marks (depending on the marking scheme of the subject).

5. Document your study materials


Get cloud storage and organise your study materials according to subjects and semesters. Create a folder for each subject and place all your work within the folder for easy searching. Cloud storage is free with most email accounts now. You may need to increase your storage space if you work with audio-video materials but the cloud is a safe haven for all your work and you can always get to it from anywhere, anytime.

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