5 Ways How Programming Is Changing The World

Do you enjoy playing games online? What about using apps for your day-to-day needs? Do you love using Word, spreadsheet, PDF, emails and web browsers on your smartphone to work or study from anywhere? If you answered yes to all the above, then you are pretty much living in a ‘programmed’ world.

Just the way we write alphabets or symbols in different languages to convey information, programming is a method that uses codes or scripts to convey information that only computers can understand and interpret. Programming script or language are meant to instruct a machine to perform various tasks.

Did you know the world’s first programmer was a female royalty named Ada Lovelace? She supposedly wrote an equation which is considered to be the world’s first computer algorithm that inspired renowned programmers Grace Hopper and Alan Turing, who later made amazing discoveries in the world of computing.

There is sure a lot more exciting history associated with computer programming but first, let’s take a look at 5 ways how programming is changing the world we live in today.

  1. There’s the Internet for everything

Information is always a click away. Most of the information we need is easily searchable online. Today, we depend on ‘Google’ for our daily dose of information without the need to retain them. We let our machines – both computers and smartphones – do the storing of information for us. Of course, there are pros and cons to this but looking at the bright side, this has helped working professionals be far more efficient in their work. We have also become lifelong learners by default, as the Internet leads us to endless information consumption.

  1. The birth of voice-activated applications

Modern technology and Industrial Revolution 4.0 has revolutionised many things and one of them is Artificial intelligence (AI).  Today, we see a lot more businesses introducing chatbots for quicker information delivery and communication. Above this, there are also voice-activated apps that have adopted speech recognition technology to assist us with our daily needs. Google’s Alexa for instance, is an example of an AI that is being used in smart homes to help with functions like controlling the power, appliances, and ambience.

  1. Life-saving technologies

Yes, we have come to a point where technologies are being programmed to save lives. We have seen or at least heard about robots performing complicated surgeries, drones being used for medical and army intelligence and applications that assist with the weather and geotechnical monitoring. Most of these technologies have helped save millions of lives and will continue impacting us in many ways.

  1. We’re in the thick of a digital revolution

The digital age has upped the demand for programmers and coders as they are needed in all industries.  From robotic surgeries to mobile learning, the digital revolution is made possible thanks to technologies that are being programmed to make our lives convenient.

  1. Exploring the impossible

We have gone places well beyond the confines of the earth. Space and deep-sea explorations have helped us collect valuable data using technologies that are programmed to observe, record and analyse findings, which are then used for research and development. From the possibility of life forms on another planet to the foundation of human evolution, these data have assisted humans from time immemorial and it will continue to shed light into life’s greatest mysteries. In the past, these findings have helped us develop so many things that improved our quality of life. For example, NASA says that space exploration was the basis for the development of camera phones, CAT scans, water purification system, home insulation, ear thermometers, artificial limbs and many more. Imagine how much more can be done as technology advances?

Programming and coding can be complex but it can be mastered with constant practice. On the hindsight, there is no end to what man can achieve with the help of machines.

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