Master of Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

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SEGi University
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Master of Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences) is a research degree which offers research in a wide range of subject areas across the broad spectrum of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The research degree enables you to acquire a sound understanding of knowledge for personal enrichment in the respective area of specialisation. It also allows you to enhance your skills so that you remain competitive in the graduate employment market.

The programme will enable you to acquire high level skills in research and produce body of original work that contributes to wider literature in the area of your specialisation. You will be taught Research Methodology to strengthen your research knowledge and skills; as well as exposure to new developments and challenges in your research area in the international arena through media, seminars and conferences.

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Entry requirements

Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy with Honours or equivalent.
Bachelors degree in related Sciences with Honours/Equivalent; or any equivalent qualifications in a relevant field of study; with
Minimum Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) of 2.75 or equivalent.
Candidate with CGPA of 2.50 – 2.74 or equivalent; and possesses at least one year of job experience in relevant fields & recognised by the University’s Senate.

Additional requirements:
Minimum of 500 in Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Minimum of 6.0 in International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Programme structure and modules

Area of research

Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
Drug discovery and design
Drug delivery
Biochemistry and molecular biology
Pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry

Programme structure

A research-focused curriculum which includes studies in research methodology, research work and thesis

Mode of delivery

Taught courses:
– Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
– Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
Research activities:
– You will conduct research under the supervision of experienced academic staff with personalised support and guidance throughout the programme
Thesis submission

Career opportunities

  • Academician; Clinical/Non-clinical researcher
  • Industry R&D researcher
  • Medicinal/Device product specialist
  • Graduate research assistant
  • Research executive
  • Postgraduate research (PhD)
  • Drug/formulation research and development
  • Analytical research and development
  • Pharmaceutical quality control and assurance
  • Biotechnology/medical device development
  • Clinical/community pharmacy practice
  • Academia
  • Medical writing
  • Cosmeceutical formulation and development