Centre for Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems (CAEES)

Centre for Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems (CAEES)


Welcome to the Centre for Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems (CAEES)! Situated at the forefront of technological innovation, CAEES is a research centre dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge domains of electrical and electronic systems. Our mission is to push the boundaries of knowledge and spearhead advancements in various research areas critical to shaping the future. We are expanding research beyond the lab to create unique, pioneering work and forward-thinking technical solutions that benefit society, the economy, and the environment. We welcome highly motivated and passionate PhD and Master’s candidates to join our team.

Research Areas:
At CAEES, we are committed to conducting groundbreaking research in the following specialised domains:

  1. Electronics Communication and Internet of Things (IoT):

    In this research area, CAEES explores the development of advanced communication technologies, including digital and analogue communication systems, wireless networks, IoT devices, and next-generation telecommunications, to revolutionise how we connect and communicate globally.

  2. Radio Frequency and Microwave

    Our researchers focus on developing and optimising RF and microwave technologies for diverse applications, including wireless communication and high-frequency electronic devices.

  3. Computational Intelligence

    Our experts explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop advanced computational intelligence techniques. These methods find applications in diverse fields, such as optimisation, image and speech recognition, and autonomous systems.

  4. Biomedical Systems

    CAEES is at the forefront of biomedical engineering research, focusing on medical devices, imaging technologies, wearable health monitoring systems, and assistive technologies that improve healthcare outcomes and enhance the quality of life.

  5. Renewable Energy

    CAEES leads the charge in sustainable energy research, working on advancing renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. Our experts aim to improve energy conversion efficiency, storage capabilities, and smart grid integration for a greener and more sustainable future.

  6. Robotics

    We delve into robotics to design and implement intelligent, autonomous, and versatile robotic systems. Our researchers collaborate to create robots for manufacturing, healthcare, exploration, and disaster response, among other areas.

  7. Data Analytics

    The era of big data demands sophisticated data analytics techniques. CAEES researchers focus on developing cutting-edge algorithms and methods to process and analyse vast datasets for various applications, including decision-making, pattern recognition, and predictive modelling.

  8. Electrical Power Systems

    Our researchers investigate the complexities of electrical power systems, including power generation, transmission, distribution, and control. The goal is to enhance efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in power networks to meet the growing energy demands.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

CAEES actively fosters collaboration with industry partners, academia, and research institutions worldwide. By establishing strong networks, we promote cross-disciplinary research, encourage knowledge exchange, and accelerate the translation of research findings into real-world applications.

Education and Training:

As an integral part of our mission, CAEES offers educational programmes and training opportunities for students, researchers, and professionals. These initiatives aim to cultivate the next generation of experts in the field, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to address future challenges.

In conclusion, the Centre for Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems (CAEES) is a hub of research excellence in vital domains, including radio frequency and microwave, renewable energy, robotics, data analytics, computational intelligence, biomedical systems, electronics communication, IoT, and electrical power systems. Through our relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation, we envision a future empowered by transformative technologies that drive progress and better the world.


Ts. Dr. Nurulazlina Binti Ramli

Team Members

  • Thio Tzer Hwai Gilbert
  • Jessie Siaw Fe Lu
  • Noraidah M Shariff
  • Ts. Azri Adi Arbai
  • Dr. Gopinath Subramani
  • Vinukumar Luckose
  • Anis Fariza Pazil
  • Preethy Ayyappan
  • Chris Chong Hock Siong
  • Noor Farhana Halil Abdul Razak
  • Ngow Li Siang


Dr. Nurulazlina Ramli won Gold award (Open Category) in Engineering, Science and Technology Exhibition (ESTE), “Generate and Innovate through Educational Projects”, Mahsa University

Date (Day): 23 Jan 2020 (Thursday)

Project Name: Compact Microstrip Antenna for 5 GHz for WLAN Applications


Title Author Status Year
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Design And Implementation of An Arduino Microcontroller Based door Access Control System using RFID Technology Preethy Ayyappan, Seow Soon Loong, Nor Anis Asma Binti Sulaiman, Talha Rahman https://doi.org/10.37200/IJPR/V24I6/PR260632 2020
Design And Implementation of LAN Commander Applicable For Efficient Network Administration Solution Using JAVA Programming Leelavathi Rajamanickam, Seow Soon Loong, Preethy Ayyappan, Nor Anis Asma Binti Sulaiman, Hazim Al Saidawi https://doi.org/10.37200/IJPR/V24I6/PR260633 2020
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Mutual Coupling Reduction of a Wideband Circularly Polarized Microstrip MIMO Antenna Ismahayati Adam, Mohd Najib Mohd Yasin, Nurulazlina Ramli, Muzammil Jusoh, Hasliza A. Rahim, Tarik Bin Abdul Latef, Tengku Faiz Tengku Mohmed Noor Izam, and Thennarasan Sabapathy https://doi.org/10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2928899 2019
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Research Grants

Title Researcher Funding (RM)
Research and Development of High Yield Solar Photovoltaics System for the Application in Utility Scale Solar Power Plants Siaw Fei Lu 20,000
A Miniaturized Microstrip Patch Antenna at 2.4 GHz with Defected Ground Structure (DGS) for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Applications in Malaysia Nurulazlina Ramli,Anis Fariza, Preethy Ayyappan 24,360