A Triumph for SEGi: Dr. Bennete Fernandes’ Journey to Global Recognition

In the heart of the vibrant academic atmosphere of University College MAIWP International (UCMI), a momentous event unfolded on August 19, 2023. Dr. Bennete Fernandes, a distinguished member of the Faculty of Dentistry at SEGi University, was bestowed with the prestigious “Global Achiever Award” during the PRISAL Golden Global Iconic Awards 2023. Organized by the Pharmaceutical Royal International Society (PRISAL) in collaboration with UCMI, this recognition marked a significant milestone not only in Dr. Fernandes’ illustrious career but also in SEGi’s legacy of academic excellence.

The conference, themed “Innovation Excellence in Research through Advancement in Science & Technology,” served as a platform for intellectuals from diverse backgrounds. Among the esteemed personalities present, Dr. Bennete received the award from eminent figures including Prof. Dr. Wan Mohd Azizi Wan Sulaiman, the Vice Chancellor of UCMI, and other notable individuals from Turkey and Thailand. Dr. Fernandes’ involvement extended beyond the award ceremony; he played a vital role as one of the moderators for a keynote lecture and was an integral part of the organizing team, contributing significantly to the event’s success.

Dr. Bennete’s journey to this achievement is marked by years of dedication and scholarly contributions. Graduating in 1999 and completing his Masters in Periodontics in 2004, he has accumulated nearly two decades of teaching experience. His passion for dentistry and education led to honorary PhDs, recognizing his remarkable contributions to the field. After more than a decade of shaping young minds in India, he joined SEGi University’s Faculty of Dentistry, where he has been an invaluable asset for the past eight years.

SEGi University takes immense pride in Dr. Bennete accomplishments, which have brought global recognition to the institution. His achievements not only reflect his personal excellence but also amplify SEGi’s commitment to fostering exceptional talent and nurturing future leaders. As SEGi continues to stand as a beacon of quality education, Dr. Fernandes’ accolades further solidify the university’s position on the global stage.

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