Advancing Ethical Research Practices

In the realm of academic excellence, ethical research practices serve as the cornerstone of knowledge construction. On the 26th of September 2023, Assoc Prof. Dr. Tan Choon Keong, a distinguished scholar, graced the academic community with his profound insights during the PEP Talk Series 2023/09. Hosted by the Postgraduate Education Student Club (PGESC) & Faculty of Education, Languages, Psychology & Music (FOELPM), this enlightening talk delved into the crucial DOs and DON’Ts in Chat GPT: Ethical Research Proposal Construction.

Dr. Tan Choon Keong initiated the talk by elucidating the ethical foundations of research, emphasizing its pivotal role in academic integrity and knowledge dissemination. The session commenced with a comprehensive exploration of the ethical considerations specific to constructing research proposals within the domain of Chat GPT technology.

The talk meticulously outlined the DOs in ethical research proposal construction, providing invaluable guidance to the attending students and lecturers. Dr. Tan Choon Keong’s expertise illuminated the path towards formulating well-grounded research questions, conducting meticulous literature reviews, and employing rigorous methodologies, all while upholding the highest ethical standards.

An insightful segment of the talk focused on the DON’Ts – common pitfalls that researchers often encounter. Dr. Tan Choon Keong’s discourse shed light on issues such as plagiarism, data manipulation, and ethical breaches, equipping the audience with the knowledge needed to steer clear of these ethical minefields.

The hybrid nature of the event, which brought together 87 students and lecturers, highlighted the evolving landscape of education. The seamless integration of virtual and physical spaces not only amplified the reach of Dr. Tan Choon Keong’s expertise but also showcased the adaptability of academic forums in the digital age.

In retrospect, Dr. Tan Choon Keong’s talk heralded a paradigm shift in the way ethical research proposals are constructed within the realm of Chat GPT technology. By instilling a heightened awareness of ethical considerations and providing concrete guidelines, the event stands as a testament to academic excellence and ethical research practices.

In summary, Assoc Prof. Dr. Tan Choon Keong’s talk on the DOs and DON’Ts in Chat GPT: Ethical Research Proposal Construction not only enriched the academic community but also marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of ethical research excellence. As the echoes of this enlightening discourse reverberate, they pave the way for a future where ethical research remains at the forefront of scholarly endeavors.

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