Advantages of studying medicine in SEGi

SEGi University’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) is degree with a difference.

We not only aim to develop the next generation of medical practitioners who are keen on making impactful contributions to society, but also produce doctors who are more community-conscious and technologically-savvy.

What differentiates our M.B.B.S degree is our holistic student-centred approach and comprehensive clinical teaching from an early stage.

The MBBS programme at SEGi is divided into two phases. Phase 1 (Year 1-2) focuses on theoretical and pre-clinical aspects, whereas Phase 2 (Year 3-5) consists of formal clinical training at the SEGi Clinical Campus in Sibu, Sarawak. Here, students are exposed to various levels of clerkships that cover a range of theories and practices in general medicine specialities.

There are several advantages of studying medicine or biomedical science at SEGi. Not only does the curricula place a strong emphasis on practical skills and knowledge, but students also receive unparalleled training to be professionally equipped for the field and their respective specialisations.

SEGi’s inclusive and diverse teaching and learning experience also promotes professionalism and ethical values besides grooming a generation of professionals with the capacity to drive the profession forward with their ideas and contributions

In addition to this, their clinical training which takes place at Sibu Hospital provides students with a good competitive edge as they get access to an excellent range of case-mix.

SEGi also has good facilities at the campus such as state-of-the-art laboratories, an Anatomy Museum and a Dissection Hall with actual cadaveric specimens for students to practice on. These features and facilities allow them to adapt quickly and more efficiently.

At times, teaching and learning can go beyond the study of medicine. For instance, at the peak of Covid-19, our students were being exposed to valuable lessons like risk management, safety and health management and crisis management

This was because the SEGi-Duke-Clinical Research Centre (SEGi-DUKE-CRC) at Sibu Hospital was authorised by the Ministry of Health to conduct Covid-19 tests for the vicinity instead of sending the test results to Kuching. This enabled Sibu Hospital to save time, cost and increase the efficiency of their clinical services by producing test results within 24 hours.

SEGi students are also encouraged to get involved in a range of community-centred activities and programmes ranging from health campaigns to medical screenings and public health programmes to gain a more holistic and well-balanced study experience.

In addition to the home-grown MBBS programme, SEGi University has a direct collaboration with KAPLAN, which enables students to sit for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) to practice medicine or residency in the U.S. The Faculty of Medicine also offers a three-year Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) programme aimed at producing medical scientists and researchers.

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