Assoc. Prof Dr Anitha Krishnan granted Fellow by the International College of Dentists

Congratulations are in order for Assoc. Prof. Dr Anitha Krishnan of Oral Pathology & Oral Biology at SEGi University! Dr Anitha is now a Fellow in the eminent International College of Dentists.

Fellowship in the College is extended by invitations only. The honorary title of Fellow is only given to dentists who have made significant contributions to the profession and their community and completed a thorough peer review process.

A dentist awarded the fellowship in College is granted the right to place the letters FICD, Fellow International College of Dentists, after their name per the usage and restrictions designated by the College constitution and bylaws.

“I’m honoured and humbled by this prestigious fellowship bestowed upon me by the International College of Dentists. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Faculty of Dentistry Dean Prof Dato’ Dr Ahmad Termizi Zamzuri and SEGi management for all the support and encouragement,” Dr Anitha said.

The International College of Dentists has been honouring the world’s leading dentists since 1920.

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