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Financial planning is all about stability and sustainability. Whether we are looking at long or short-term business investment, individual retirement plan, educations fund or asset management, financial planning and management play a major role in determining the needs, goals and outcome of a plan.

The need for qualified financial professionals in Malaysia is no longer a prediction on paper. In fact, according to TalentCorp, accountants, financial and investment advisers, and financial analyst are listed in the Critical Occupations List 2019/2019 – an intervention list of professions that are skilled, highly sought-after and strategic across 18 sectors in Malaysia.

SEGi University offers various postgraduate programmes in business, accounting and finance. The Master in Financial Planning by SEGi is a comprehensive two-year programme that is well-structured to cover various aspects of financial planning ranging from risk management and insurance planning to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Those pursuing postgraduate studies in Financial Planning at SEGi can choose to obtain a single or dual certification (from SEGi and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) which provides the essential professional endorsement to help graduates secure a better and brighter future in the field of finance and accounting. It also paves the way for graduates to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Registered Financial Planners (RFP) with various authorities and recognised bodies in Malaysia and internationally.

CFPs and RFPs with recognised professional certifications not only have a competitive edge over other finance professionals but also enjoy better visibility and engagement as they are able to play bigger and more versatile roles, start their own licensed firms and enjoy better career prospects including a salary boost.

A CFP in Malaysia earns an average salary of over RM106,000 per annum based on a survey collected by Salary Expert. The US-based research arm of the Economic Research Institute also predicts that CFPs’ salary range will increase by 33% between 2020 and 2024, averaging at RM141, 602 annually.

SEGi’s Master in Financial Planning programme is carried out in collaboration with the Malaysian Financial Planning Council, making it highly relevant to today’s industry. Apart from a sustainable career as a financial planner and strategist, you also have the opportunity to explore the world of financial management, analysis, investment and brokerage in government and non-government agencies as well as private and multi-national corporations.

Apart from the hands-on application of financial planning technology and tools, you will also develop the right skill set, competencies, understanding and sound knowledge of the financial planning industry, its regulations and associated trends, as well as learn how to get a handle of complex financial situations to become an efficient master financial planner.

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