Bridging the Gap: SEGi’s Special Visit and the Path to Realising Dreams

“Effort and hard work construct the bridge that connects your dreams to reality!”

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Hjh. Che Maznah, has joined us as SEGi’s appointed external advisor for our esteemed Civil Engineering Department. 

Assoc. Prof. Che Maznah graced us with her presence during a special visit to SEGi University on the 17 and 18 August 2023. Her visit was nothing short of inspiring, as she embarked on a comprehensive tour around the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology (FoEBEIT), getting firsthand insights into our cutting-edge facilities and vibrant learning environment. 

 The highlight of her visit was the engaging sharing sessions she conducted with our incredible students, dedicated academic staff, and skilled technical experts. Her wealth of experience and knowledge left everyone enriched and motivated to reach for the stars in their academic and professional pursuits. 

 At SEGi, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration and learning from the best. Assoc. Prof. Che Maznah, your expertise, and invaluable contributions are poised to elevate our faculty to greater heights and empower our students to chase their dreams with even more determination.  Your guidance will undoubtedly construct a solid bridge between academic excellence and real-world success. 

 Join us in celebrating this remarkable milestone and the incredible journey ahead! Together, let’s build bridges that lead from aspirations to achievements, just as Assoc. Prof. Che Maznah’s visit has shown us. 


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