Mastering Pharmacy at SEGi

SEGi University’s Pharmacy programme is more than just a course of study, it is a gateway to a diverse range of career options in the healthcare industry. Pharmacists are key players in the discovery and development of medicines, disease management, and ensuring the safety and efficacy of medications. 

The demand for pharmacists continues to rise due to factors such as the rapid growth of the healthcare industry, the booming pharmaceutical industry, and poor accessibility to pharmacy services in rural areas. Despite meeting the recommended ratio of pharmacist-to-population, the need for pharmacists is increasing to sustain the economic burden of chronic non-communicable diseases and improve health promotion and prevention. 

SEGi University’s Pharmacy programme offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates the latest advances in the evolving field of pharmaceutical sciences. The programme incorporates learning modalities such as problem-based learning, small group interactive workshops, lab-practical sessions, and experiential placements in hospitals, community pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies for a comprehensive and all-rounded student learning experience. 

The Pharmacy programme is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Pharmacy Board Malaysia. It offers a strong emphasis on work-based and skill training under controlled simulated environments to nurture specific skill sets required in different areas of pharmacy practice. SEGi’s progressive development approach of soft skills and competencies ensures that pharmacy graduates stand out and are in demand by potential employers. 

SEGi’s Pharmacy programme is not just about academic excellence; it offers various student enrichment programmes and co-curricular activities through SEGi Pharmacy Students’ Association and SEGi Student Chapter of International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering to develop or strengthen leadership, time management, entrepreneurship skills and networking opportunities with multidisciplinary teams. 

The university has a team of experienced and committed academic staff, most of whom have past working experience in different practice areas of pharmacy. This allows for pertinent information sharing that students need upon entering the workforce and helps students have a better insight into the different pharmacy career options. 

SEGi’s Pharmacy programme also provides opportunities for research collaboration with international partners such as Nihon Pharmaceutical University, Japan. This is an excellent undertaking for students to inculcate research and scientific ethos and strengthen their knowledge and skill set for broader career options. 

The demand for pharmacists is evident, and SEGi University’s Pharmacy programme offers an excellent opportunity for students to gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to excel in the healthcare industry. So why study pharmacy at SEGi? It offers a comprehensive curriculum, strong emphasis on work-based and skill training, experienced academic staff, student enrichment programmes, and research opportunities for an all-rounded student learning experience.

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