Committing to a Sustainable Future Through the UN SDGs

In a world where sustainable development is paramount, SEGi University & Colleges have taken a monumental step by fully subscribing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This commitment underscores SEGi’s dedication to fostering positive change, instilling responsibility, and preparing students to become socially conscious global citizens.

 Championing Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

SEGi University & Colleges recognize the crucial role education plays in sustainable development. By incorporating the principles of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into their curriculum, SEGi aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to contribute meaningfully to societal and environmental well-being. 

Aligning with the 17 SDGs

 SEGi has aligned its initiatives with all 17 SDGs, demonstrating a comprehensive commitment to addressing a wide array of global challenges. From quality education and gender equality to climate action and responsible consumption, SEGi’s approach is holistic, ensuring a positive impact on various facets of society.

In 2022, SEGi published numerous editorials that further heightened its commitment to SDGs:

Ng, Benjamin Wei-Liang; Lee, Jeffrey Soon-Yit; Toh, Teck-Hock; Ngu, Lock-Hock Neurological Waardenburg-Shah syndrome: A diagnostic challenge in a child with skin hypopigmentation and neurological manifestation BMJ Case Reports Article Medicine & Health Sciences SDG4 2022
Liu, Xing; Li, Zhen; Wang, Jing; Chu, Jiankun Research on the Efficiency of Dual-Chain Integration of Talent Chain and Industrial Chain of Vocational Education Based on Big Data Technology Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Article Education & Educational Research SDG4 2022
Liu, Enyun; Zhao, Jingxian Meta-analysis of effectiveness of electroencephalogram monitoring of sustained attention for improving online learning achievement Social Behavior and Personality Article Education & Educational Research SDG4 2022
Teow, Yeit Haan; Chiah, Yi Hui; Ho, Kah Chun; Mahmoudi, Ebrahim Treatment of semiconductor-industry wastewater with the application of ceramic membrane and polymeric membrane Journal of Cleaner Production Article Engineering & Technology SDG6 2022
Teow, Yeit Haan; Ho, Kah Chun; Wickramasinghe, Sumith Ranil; Jebur, Mahmood Gheni; Chang, Zhen Hong Integrated process technology for recycling and re-use of industrial and municipal wastewater: A review Integrated Environmental Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Sustainable Development Book chapter Engineering & Technology SDG6; SDG11 2022
Nang Lau, Harrison Lik; Tee, Yi Shen; Chan, Mieow Kee; Teh, Soek Sin Phosphorus Removal and Phytonutrients Retention in the Refining of Solvent Extracted Palm-Pressed Mesocarp Fiber Oil Journal of Oleo Science Article Engineering & Technology SDG6; SDG14 2022
Siaw, Fei Lu; Sia, Yaw Yoong; Dilshani, Mallikarachchi Development of Cloud Movement Prediction Method for Solar Photovoltaic System Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology (New Series) Article Engineering & Technology SDG7 2022
Luckose, Vinukumar; Kannan, Ramani; Hasan, Khairul Nisak Md; Ibrahim, Taib B A Two-Stage Interleaved Bridgeless SEPIC based PFC Converter for Electric Vehicle Charging Application ICCE 2022 – 2022 IEEE 9th International Conference on Communications and Electronics Conference paper Engineering & Technology SDG7 2022
Obaideen, Khaled; Yousef, Bashria A.A.; AlMallahi, Maryam Nooman; Tan, Yong Chai; Mahmoud, Montaser; Jaber, Hadi; Ramadan, Mohamad An overview of smart irrigation systems using IoT Energy Nexus Article Engineering & Technology SDG8; SDG17 2022
Hammad, Hamza; Elbarazi, Iffat; Bendak, Malik; Obaideen, Khaled; Amanatullah, Asma; Khan, Bibi Sara Badshah; Ismail, Leila; Kieu, Alex; AB Khan, Moien Influence of Religiosity on Youth’s Attitudes Towards People with Disabilities in the United Arab Emirates Journal of Religion and Health Article in press Social Sciences SDG8; SDG10; SDG17 2022
Liu, You Wu; Alias, Syazwina Binti; Liu, Ming-Yue; Jiao, Bian-Bian Improved Routing Protocol Based on Multiobjective Optimization in Industrial Robot Networks Advances in Multimedia Article Engineering & Technology SDG9 2022
Annamalah, Sanmugam; Aravindan, Kalisri Logeswaran; Raman, Murali; Paraman, Pradeep SME Engagement with Open Innovation: Commitments and Challenges towards Collaborative Innovation Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity Article Economics & Business SDG9 2022
Nurhidayah, A.; Zaini, N.; Zulhaziman, M.; Salleh, M.; Zulbadli, N.; Mohamad, Noor Ashikin; Ezaty, S.N.; Shafie, N.S.; Sahri, Dzulkarnain Mohd; Mohd Najib, Siti Sarah Aliah Evaluation of physically modified kenaf core adsorbent for carbon dioxide adsorptive study Journal of Physics: Conference Series Conference paper Engineering & Technology SDG13 2022
Fernandes, Alison Mary; Atiqah, Nur; Irfan, M.; Vytialingam, Nathan; Kaur, Sangeeta; Doustjalali, Saeid Reza; Farzana, Y.; Sabet, Negar Shafiei; Kabir, Mohammed Shahjahan; Shirin, Lubna; Gupalo, Sergey; Nazmul, M. H. M. Parental perception of adolescent and adulthood autism transitional behaviours INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARLY CHILDHOOD SPECIAL EDUCATION Article Education, Special SDG5 2022
Muhamat, Amirul Afif; Zulkifli, Ahmad Farouk; Ibrahim, Muhammad Azman; Sulaiman, Suzana; Subramaniam, Geetha; Mohamad, Saadiah; Suzuki, Yasushi Realising the Corporate Social Performance (CSP) of Takaful (Islamic Insurance) Operators through Drone-Assisted Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) SUSTAINABILITY Article Green & Sustainable Science & Technology; Environmental Sciences; Environmental Studies SDG5; SDG11 2022
Hammad, Hamza; Elbarazi, Iffat; Bendak, Malik; Obaideen, Khaled; Amanatullah, Asma; Khan, Bibi Sara Badshah; Ismail, Leila; Kieu, Alex; A B Khan, Moien Influence of Religiosity on Youths’ Attitudes Towards People with Disabilities in the United Arab Emirates JOURNAL OF RELIGION & HEALTH Article; Early Access Public, Environmental & Occupational Health; Religion SDG10 2022
Lu, Hua; Yoon, Sook Jhee I Have Grown Accustomed to Being Rejected: EFL Academics’ Responses Toward Power Relations in Research Practice FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY Article Psychology, Multidisciplinary SDG10 2022
Xiaoyang, Yin; Sidhu, Gurnam Kaur; Shamida, Arieff; Shuoteng, Huang Relationship among Self-determination, Growth Mindset and EFL Students’ Language Proficiency ENVIRONMENT-BEHAVIOUR PROCEEDINGS JOURNAL Proceedings Paper Environmental Studies SDG10 2022
Hu, Xiaoyu; Sidhu, Gurnam Kaur; Lu, Xin Relationship Between Growth Mindset and English Language Performance Among Chinese EFL University Students: The Mediating Roles of Grit and Foreign Language Enjoyment FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY Article Psychology, Multidisciplinary SDG10 2022
Zhao, Jingxian; Liu, Enyun What factors can support students’ deep learning in the online environment: The mediating role of learning self-efficacy and positive academic emotions? FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY Article Psychology, Multidisciplinary SDG10 2022
Zhou, Ling; Zhang, Fuli; Wang, Lei; Zhang, Qi Flexible hydrogen production source for fuel cell vehicle to reduce emission pollution and costs under the multi-objective optimization framework JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION Article Green & Sustainable Science & Technology; Engineering, Environmental; Environmental Sciences SDG7; SDG13 2022
Obaideen, Khaled; Abdelkareem, Mohammad Ali; Wilberforce, Tabbi; Elsaid, Khaled; Sayed, Enas Taha; Maghrabie, Hussein M.; Olabi, A. G. Biogas role in achievement of the sustainable development goals: Evaluation, Challenges, and Guidelines JOURNAL OF THE TAIWAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Article Engineering, Chemical SDG7; SDG12; SDG13 2022
Zhao, Wenming; Chen, Jin; Hai, Tao; Mohammed, Muamer N.; Yaseen, Zaher Mundher; Yang, Xuelan; Zain, Jasni Mohamad; Zhang, Ruihua; Xu, Qiang Design of low-energy buildings in densely populated urban areas based on IoT ENERGY REPORTS Article Energy & Fuels SDG11 2022
Sun, Bohan; Sun, Ruiqi; Gao, Ke; Zhang, Yifan; Wang, Shuyue; Bai, Puxian Analyzing the mechanism among rural financing constraint mitigation, agricultural development, and carbon emissions in China: A sustainable development paradigm ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT Article; Early Access Environmental Studies SDG11 2022
Dai, Xiaofei; Siddik, Abu Bakkar; Tian, Huawei Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Finance and Environmental Performance: Does Green Innovation Matter? SUSTAINABILITY Article Green & Sustainable Science & Technology; Environmental Sciences; Environmental Studies SDG12; SDG13 2022
Aravindan, Kalisri Logeswaran; Thurasamy, Ramayah; Raman, Murali; Ilhavenil, Narinasamy; Annamalah, Sanmugam; Rathidevi, Arul Selvam Modeling Awareness as the Crux in Solar Energy Adoption Intention through Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology MATHEMATICS Article Mathematics SDG12; SDG13 2022
Yin, Fang; Yin, Xiong; Zhou, Jincheng; Zhang, Xinli; Zhang, Ruihua; Ibeke, Ebuka; Iwendi, Marvellous GodsPraise; Shah, Mohammad Tourism cloud management system: the impact of smart tourism JOURNAL OF CLOUD COMPUTING-ADVANCES SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS Article Computer Science, Information Systems SDG12 2022
Ong, Jenny; Musa, Siti Nurmaya; Mahmood, Noor Zalina System Dynamic Modeling for Plastic Supply Chain in Klang Valley, Malaysia POLISH JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Article Environmental Sciences SDG12 2022
Zhang, Jianjian; Ji, Lin Optimization and Prediction of Energy Consumption, Daylighting, and Thermal Comfort of Buildings in Tropical Areas ADVANCES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Article Construction & Building Technology; Engineering, Civil SDG13 2022
Sun, Huazhen; Zhang, Qing; Guo, Weifeng; Lin, Kaimiao Hikers’ pro-environmental behavior in national park: Integrating theory of planned behavior and norm activation theory FRONTIERS IN FORESTS AND GLOBAL CHANGE Article Ecology; Forestry SDG15 2022


Looking Ahead: A Sustainable Tomorrow

SEGi University & Colleges’ alignment with the SDGs is not just a commitment; it’s a promise to nurture future leaders who are not only academically proficient but also socially responsible. By integrating sustainable development into the fabric of education, SEGi is shaping a generation that will lead the way towards a sustainable and equitable future.

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