Communicating The Right Thing

Corporate Communications is one of the most important departments in an organisation and yet, is the least understood profession by people outside the communications circle.

Many are under the impression that if you are a corporate communications professional, your job is just to communicate messages to employees within the organisation. However, this aspect which is known as internal communications is just one part of the job.

Corporate communications experts also manage external communication with relevant stakeholders such as shareholders (if it is a public listed company), the media, the public, as well as business to business (B2B) communications. In larger organisations, there are dedicated experts handling internal and external communications such as public relations and marketing communications.

Corporate communications is a powerful tool that builds reputation, enhances the image of the employer and solves challenges faced by the organisation.

Every now and then, we hear about public relations disasters caused by emotional or biased statements made by business owners. With strategic communication strategies and policies in place, an organisation will know how to mend the crisis and regain public trust in the aftermath of a communication crisis.

Without the right upkeep of the company’s reputation, sustainable brand building, investor relations, media relations, and engagement with the public, the organisation will find it tough to compete in today’s volatile economic landscape.

For that, businesses will need reliable communication specialists who can create positive branding for the organisation and build a positive relationship with the media and the public.

They are also responsible for creating strategic content to communicate messages about the company’s goals, products, values, and milestones and devising various initiatives to find the best possible way to handle crises.

A communications specialist will know how to plan and execute strategies to grow an organisation’s presence both online and offline. With digital media disrupting businesses everywhere, traditional communications are converging into digital communications and businesses that fail to set up a digital presence run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

SEGi University’s Master of Arts in Corporate Communications essentially grooms communications experts who will be able to produce practical and creative business solutions and relay them effectively to all stakeholders within and outside an organisation.

You will be able to learn the art of managing, presenting, negotiating and organising as you will learn how to turn around and implement ideas through content and visual presentations.

With this qualification, you will also be well versed with matters concerning media relations, communication strategies, crisis communication, advertising and branding, corporate writing and campaign management – skills that will empower you to become effective managers, strategists, and heads of departments in the field.

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