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The MSc (Engineering) by Research at SEGi University stands as a beacon of advanced learning, tailored for those who seek to delve deeply into the engineering research arena. This programme is meticulously designed to endow you with an exhaustive understanding of engineering research methodologies, ensuring that upon completion, you possess the prowess to initiate and execute complex surveys, experiments, and data analysis, presenting your findings with consummate professionalism.

SEGi University, recognised as an undisputed leader in adult learning, promises a pathway to completion in an unrivalled timeframe, with flexible scheduling and access to multiple campuses. What sets this programme apart is its innovative ‘Industry into Classroom’ initiative, where academic learning and industry expertise converge, providing students with assignments and projects directly sourced from industry challenges. This fusion of theory and practical exposure is complemented by guidance from both academic tutors and industry professionals, ensuring a learning experience that resonates with the real world.

Diversity thrives at SEGi, where students from over 90 nationalities enrich the learning environment, offering a unique global perspective and network. With accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, this programme is a gateway to prestigious engineering roles in research and management, shaping the next generation of engineering leaders.

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Entry requirements

Bachelor’s Degree – (Level 6, KKM) in the related field, with at least CGPA 2.75 or equivalent as approved by the PPT Senate
Bachelor’s Degree – (Level 6, KKM) in the related field, with CGPA 2.50 but not achieving CGPA 2.75 can be admitted, subject to rigorous internal assessment process
Bachelor’s Degree – (Level 6, KKM) in relevant field but did not achieve CGPA 2.50, can be admitted subject to min 5 years working experience in the appropriate field

Programme structure and modules

Year 1

Advanced Research Methods and Design
Research Proposal and Seminar
Research and Thesis

Year 2

Research and Thesis

Career opportunities

A Master graduate in engineering would have the opportunity to work in the industry as a full-fledged
practising engineer specialising in areas research or management younger engineers.

Information on Accreditation

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