Dr. Priscilla Das Recognised Internationally for Academic Prowess in India

In a remarkable testament to academic excellence and research brilliance, Dr Priscilla Das, a distinguished lecturer from SEGi University, has been lauded with significant international accolades, showcasing the university’s dedication to fostering groundbreaking research and academic prowess on the global stage.

Dr Priscilla was honoured with the “International Young Lifetime Achievement Award” at the prestigious International Congress for Research Excellence 2024, held on 16 March 2024. This award, recognising her outstanding contributions to Community Medicine, Health, and Biology, underscores her relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in research. It is a proud moment not only for Dr Priscilla but also for SEGi University, as it highlights the institution’s commitment to achieving excellence in research and academics.

Adding to her achievements, Dr Priscilla also presented a paper titled “Implications of COVID-19 Pandemic for Couples’ Relationships” at the same conference, earning her the “Certificate of Presentation.” Organised by the Asia Research Awards and supported by illustrious bodies such as the American Chamber of Research, World Research Council, and United Medical Council, this accolade further establishes Dr. Priscilla as a leading figure in her field.

SEGi University takes immense pride in Dr. Priscilla’s achievements, which reflect the university’s ethos of nurturing talent and promoting real-world research. Dr Priscilla’s recognition at an international forum like the International Congress for Research Excellence 2024 marks a significant milestone in her career. It elevates SEGi University’s standing in the global academic community.

These awards, presented at the Grandeur Hall, Hotel Breeze Residency, in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India, serve as a testament to the high standards of research and academic rigour upheld by SEGi University and its faculty. It inspires the university’s students and faculty, encouraging them to aspire to excellence and contribute meaningfully to their fields.

Dr. Priscilla’s accomplishments exemplify SEGi University’s commitment to excellence in education and research. They underscore the university’s role in nurturing future leaders and innovators who can significantly contribute to society. SEGi University looks forward to continuing its tradition of excellence and innovation, inspired by Dr. Priscilla’s remarkable achievements on the international stage.

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