Empowering Futures: Dr. Pang Jee Ching Represents SEGi at SDG Conference

On the 9 September 2023, Dr. Pang Jee Ching, an esteemed representative from the Faculty of Education, Languages, and Psychology (FOELPM) at SEGi University, took the stage at The Malaysian SDG Conference. Dr. Pang Jee Ching showcased her expertise by presenting an empirical study titled “Recapping Self-Advocacy and Leadership Development for Youth with Learning Disabilities in Malaysia.”

The Malaysian SDG Conference, a pivotal event for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) practitioners and scholars, provided a platform for Dr. Pang Jee Ching to contribute her insights. Hosted by the MySDG Academy, this conference is a beacon for knowledge-sharing and education in the realm of sustainable development.

The presented study delves into the crucial aspects of self-advocacy and leadership development tailored for youth facing learning disabilities in Malaysia. Dr. Pang Jee Ching’s research sheds light on innovative approaches and strategies to empower and uplift this particular demographic, fostering inclusivity and progress.

MySDG Academy, the driving force behind the conference, stands as an educational and knowledge-sharing hub. It is specifically designed to cater to SDG practitioners and scholars, creating a conducive environment for research, reading, publication, and the exchange of experiences in sustainable development.

Under the umbrella of Persatuan Promosi Matlamat Pembangunan Lestari, MySDG Academy takes a holistic approach to sustainable development. The conference served as a nexus for professionals and scholars alike, encouraging collaboration and the dissemination of valuable insights to drive positive change.

Dr. Pang Jee Ching’s participation not only showcased the commitment of SEGi University to academic excellence but also highlighted the university’s dedication to addressing challenges and promoting inclusivity. By actively engaging in conferences of such magnitude, SEGi University continues to contribute significantly to the national and global discourse on sustainable development. Dr. Pang Jee Ching’s empirical study serves as a beacon, guiding the way toward a more inclusive and sustainable future for youth with learning disabilities in Malaysia.

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