Empowering Women in Engineering: NXP’s Remarkable Initiative with SEGi University’s Student Participation

In a world where the contributions of women in STEM fields have often been underrepresented, initiatives that aim to break these barriers are of paramount importance.

SEGi University had the opportunity to be invited to join the ‘Women In Search of Engineering Excellence, WISE’E’ event, dynamically organised by NXP Semiconductors Malaysia, a global semiconductor company in partnership with Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) as NXP Strategic Partner to ignite change, promote diversity and inclusivity, and empower women in engineering.

A total of eighty-seven students from various engineering disciplines at SEGi University: Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Civil Engineering, participated in the prestigious WISE’E event held on 19 September 2023 at the NXP Malaysia Headquarters. The event brought together women engineers, scientists, professionals and student engineers from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences, insights, and expertise. The agenda included keynote addresses and panel discussions, where distinguished women leaders in the engineering industry took the stage to share their journeys, challenges, and success stories. These discussions not only provided valuable career insights but also served as a source of inspiration for aspiring female engineers, including SEGi University students.

A highlight of the event was the high-impact forum, centred around the theme of ‘Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities in Engineering.’ Moderated by Ms. Sherry Alexander, the Head of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion at NXP Semiconductors, the forum featured esteemed speakers from both industry and academia, including:

  • Professor Ir Dr Norlida Buniyamin, President of IEM
  • Dr Poh Leng Eu, Director, Packaging Engineering NXP Malaysia
  • Ms Rupa Shanmugam, CEO & President SoPark Corp
  • Ir Ts Dr Lim Mee Wei, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, SEGi University

The forum emphasised that confidence in engineering is cultivated through knowledge and ability and highlighted the importance of encouraging women to participate in engineering activities, even taking on roles traditionally associated with males. Planning and negotiation for the desired lifestyle were emphasised, alongside the importance of mentorship, networking, and pushing one’s comfort zone. The forum concluded with a reminder that defining personal success, dedicating oneself wholeheartedly to chosen roles, and understanding and empathising with others’ perspectives are essential in overcoming the challenges, particularly those related to human relationships, encountered in the engineering field.

SEGi University’s students who participated in this event had the unique opportunity to learn from these accomplished women in engineering, gaining valuable insights into the possibilities and challenges they might encounter in their future careers. They were able to connect with role models and potential mentors who have successfully navigated the engineering world, which can be particularly motivating for young women pursuing STEM degrees. These connections are invaluable, as they can lead to future collaborations, internships, and job opportunities, offering SEGi students a head start in their engineering careers.

The WISE’E event, with active participation from SEGi University students, serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible potential that can be unlocked when diversity is embraced in engineering. Providing a platform for women to share their knowledge, experiences, and aspirations serves as an inspiration for all engineering companies to follow suit and support women in STEM fields, ensuring a brighter future for the next generation of engineers.

About the Author:


Senior Lecturer and Head of Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (FoEBEIT), SEGi University

Ir Ts Dr Lim Mee Wei obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering and BEng in Chemical Engineering from Monash University Malaysia. She has earned recognition Professional Engineer status with the Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM) and is a registered Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Following her studies at Monash University Malaysia, Ir Ts Dr Lim joined Smartech International Sdn Bhd as the Research and Development (R&D) Testing Manager, where she led and supervised a team of engineers to conduct various performance testing on the new products to meet local and global customer requirements and specifications. She subsequently joined SEGi University as a Senior Lecturer and is currently serving as the Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (FoEBEIT). Ir Ts Dr Lim and her research team are committed to delivering high-impact research through a synergy of Chemical Engineering fundamentals and Industry 4.0 enabling technologies that focus on the areas of water quality monitoring and energy management. Her current passion focuses on how to make the best use of engineering principles, knowledge and practices to meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals to catalyse improvements in sustainability and innovation strategies.

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