Engineering Minds Explore Innovative Manufacturing Techniques

On 6 March 2024, SEGi University’s Chemical Engineering students embarked on an enriching journey into engineering excellence with a visit to the Engineering Department at Seremban Engineering Berhad. Organised by SEGi IChemE Student Chapter, the visit provided an immersive experience, offering a firsthand glimpse into the intricate process of manufacturing heat exchangers. Students were accompanied by lecturers Ir. Choo Chee Ming, Dr. Izni Atikah Abd Hamid, Dr. Nur Amirah Mohd Zahri, and Dr. Mohd Faizan Bin Jamaluddin.

Upon arrival, the students were welcomed by the hum of machinery and skilled technicians meticulously crafting heat exchangers. The tour, led by CEO Wong Wai Hung, began with an overview of the design principles behind heat exchangers, highlighting their role in facilitating heat transfer in various industrial processes. This set the stage for a comprehensive exploration of the manufacturing process.

Guided by knowledgeable engineers, the students witnessed each step of the process from raw material selection to final assembly. They observed precision engineering techniques used to fabricate intricate components with utmost accuracy and efficiency. A highlight of the visit was seeing cutting-edge technologies in action, such as computer-aided design and automated manufacturing systems, which underscored the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The visit provided invaluable insights into the real-world applications of theoretical concepts learned in the classroom. Students gained a deeper appreciation for the complexities involved in translating engineering principles into tangible solutions that drive industrial progress. The experience also fostered a spirit of curiosity and innovation, encouraging students to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and envision new possibilities in chemical engineering.

This transformative experience bridged the gap between theory and practice. Ham Kit Ying, a participating student and SEGi IChemE Student Chapter’s Publicity Director, remarked, “This trip provided invaluable firsthand experience in heat exchanger manufacturing. We gained extensive knowledge and witnessed real industry practices in equipment fabrication during the insightful tour.” This hands-on learning opportunity allowed students to appreciate the ingenuity and craftsmanship defining engineering excellence.

With this excursion, SEGi University continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing practical, real-world experiences that prepare students for successful careers in engineering. As the World Economic Forum highlights the growing importance of industry-academic collaborations for future-ready graduates (WEF, 2020), SEGi University is at the forefront of fostering such vital connections.

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