Exploring Japan’s Rail Construction innovations: SEGi University’s special lecture by Professor Dr. Fumio Kurosaki

SEGi University recently hosted Professor Dr. Fumio Kurosaki, a distinguished lecturer from Toyo University, Japan. Professor Kurosaki, an esteemed Faculty of International Tourism Management member, brought his wealth of knowledge to SEGi University through a guest lecture. The lecture, organized by SEGi University’s Department of Quantity Surveying, provided valuable insights into the intricacies of Japan Rail Construction and Land Use Development. 

This special event was open to students and staff from the Quantity Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering departments, creating a dynamic cross-disciplinary learning environment. 

Professor Dr. Fumio Kurosaki’s expertise in the field is well-acknowledged, making his insights particularly valuable for students and staff. The lecture offered a unique opportunity for the SEGi University community to delve into the nuances of Japan’s innovative rail construction approaches and how they intertwine with land use development strategies. 

As a lecturer at Toyo University, Professor Kurosaki has a rich background in international tourism management, providing a distinctive perspective beyond traditional engineering aspects. His presence at SEGi University underscores the institution’s commitment to offering students a global perspective on relevant industry topics. 

The event was an educational opportunity and a platform for networking and fostering connections between students and a distinguished international academic. SEGi University remains dedicated to providing students with exposure to such enriching experiences, contributing to their holistic education and global awareness. 

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