External industrial expert to deliver vital communication skills to students

SEGi University & Colleges hosted an informative industrial talk titled “The Importance of Communication in the Engineering World” on 22 March 2023. Ir Narendran Naidu, an external industrial expert, delivered the talk, which aimed to educate undergraduate students on the importance of effective communication in the engineering world. 

Ts Vinukumar Luckose, Ts Dr Nurulazlina Ramli, Ir Dr Gopinath Subramani, Ts Preethy Ayyappan, Noor Farhana Halil, Dr Jessie Siaw Fei Lu, and Chris Chong Hock Siong were among the SEGi faculty members who attended the event. The discussion focused on the proper way to converse, efficient communication, tips for correctly conveying information to the intended audience, and communicating across different levels of people/ranks. 

Communication skills are the top desired skills employers look for when hiring new graduates, according to a report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Effective communication is critical in the engineering field because engineers must convey complex technical information to stakeholders with varying levels of technical knowledge. 

Read more at: https://bit.ly/3KFuPI4

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