Find Your Passion With Foundation in Arts

Arts has a varied universe and as a school student, one can easily get confused. The best way to understand where your passion lies is to spend a year studying a Foundation in Arts Programme. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Foundation in Arts and how it can help you in your future.

What is Foundation in Arts?

Foundation in Arts is a pre-university programme that focuses on topics related to arts and humanities. You will be polishing the basics of your art subjects while studying the programme. You will be eligible for entry into non-science degrees such as Business and Accounting, Communication, Design, Education, Hospitality and Tourism and many more upon completing this programme.

Duration of Foundation in Arts

Foundation in Arts is a 1-year programme, that enables a smooth transition into any non-science degree of your choice.

How can Foundation in Arts help you identify your passion?

The syllabus and the course structure of the Foundation in Arts programme are designed to build strong fundamental knowledge in the non-science fields. The core structure of this programme is usually designed to cater for different non-science disciplines with specific electives relevant to a particular non-science field.

Foundation in Arts is a stepping stone for your career in arts. In general, you will be polishing your command of English, harnessing your public speaking skill and gaining fundamental knowledge in various non-science subjects such as Economics and Marketing. You will explore your interest throughout the programme duration and eventually you will be able to identify the one Arts degree programme that suits you the best.

There are various electives in the Foundation in Arts programme among which you have to choose based on your interest and the advice of the academic staff. When necessary, you can be given an option to take a combination of electives to keep your career options open in the future.

A Foundation in Arts Programme is economically affordable. Most universities provide scholarships and discounts to help reduce your financial burden. What’s more? Most universities accept students from their Foundation in Arts programme to their degree programmes.

This transition saves students troubles on relocating, identifying another university for degree programmes, mobility arrangement etc., thus enabling them to focus on their degree studies straightaway upon completing the pre-university studies.

SEGi University offers one of the best Foundation in Arts programmes in Malaysia. Students get an opportunity to learn critical skills such as public speaking and computer application. The programme has been designed to integrate holistic learning to build a solid foundation for all the non-science subjects.

If you are confident that you don’t want to pursue a science-based degree and want to explore different options under the umbrella of humanities, the Foundation in Arts programme is the right pre-university programme for you. It is all about finding your passion and this programme helps you achieve exactly that.

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