FOELPM’s Successful PGES 2023 Symposium

In a resounding testament to the power of academic collaboration, the Faculty of Education and Language, Policy and Management (FOELPM) successfully hosted the Post Graduate Symposium 2023 (PGES 2023) in partnership with the esteemed Faculty of Education and Language at UiTM. This significant event unfolded over two intellectually charged days, from the 15th to the 16th of August, marking a milestone in the academic calendar.

The symposium served as a platform for the brightest minds in education and language studies, bringing together scholars, lecturers, and students under one roof. The diligent efforts of the FOELPM lecturers, in conjunction with the invaluable support from the UiTM Faculty of Education and Language, were pivotal in orchestrating this academic extravaganza.

One of the pivotal roles of the FOELPM lecturers was in the meticulous organization of the symposium, ensuring a seamless flow of events and activities. Their expertise was not limited to logistical arrangements; they also took on the crucial roles of presenting thought-provoking topics and serving as discerning judges for the students’ presentations. This multifaceted engagement showcased the depth of knowledge and dedication that the FOELPM lecturers brought to the symposium.

The heart of the event lay in the captivating presentations delivered by 92 paper presenters, each delving into diverse aspects of education and language studies. These presentations, ranging from innovative teaching methodologies to groundbreaking research findings, illuminated the symposium halls with intellectual fervor. Additionally, six workshops were conducted, enriching participants with hands-on experiences and practical insights into the evolving landscape of education and language studies.

With a staggering turnout of 177 participants, the symposium reverberated with scholarly discussions, collaborative learning, and academic camaraderie. The enthusiastic participation of students, lecturers, and other faculty members contributed to the symposium’s vibrant atmosphere.

The success of the FOELPM Post Graduate Symposium 2023 was a collective achievement, made possible through the cooperative spirit of every faculty member involved. It exemplified the ethos of academic excellence and knowledge sharing that lies at the core of educational institutions. The symposium not only showcased the intellectual prowess of the participants but also highlighted the unwavering commitment of the faculty members to nurturing a culture of scholarly inquiry and academic rigor.

As the curtains closed on this enriching event, the reverberations of the knowledge shared and insights gained continued to echo within the hallowed halls of FOELPM and UiTM. The symposium stood as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging future collaborations and academic pursuits. This collaborative triumph will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on the academic landscape, fostering a legacy of scholarly excellence for years to come.

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